Music Lover Monday on Friday, because I have something planned for Monday

(I haven't done this in for-freakin-EVER!)

I am really REALLY digging this new band, The Airborne Toxic Event. They were on Jay Leno two weeks ago, and omg, I can't get this damn song out of my head! It gives me the goosebumps. Nostalgia & melancholy fill me every time I listen to it.They are really talented and COOL. I can't describe it any other way. I love all the instruments.....must have something to do with my love of the classical sounds. Totally makes me want to learn to play the guitar and the violin. (In all my spare time!)

Here's the song they played on Jay and David Letterman:

Watch The Airborne Toxic Event - Sometime Around Midnight (Directed by Jason Wishnow) in Music View More Free Videos Online at Veoh.com

Tell me that song does NOT rock!

Anyway, check them out. They are on myspace, and they have a lot of acoustic stuff.

Let me know if you dig them, or if you've found someone new that you love!


Chibi said...

Great song! The local radio station has been playing it quite a bit. :)

CP said...

Damn it- can't listen to the song here at work (walls of my are too thin) but thank you for tuning me into Blue October!

Raven said...

I'm currently digging Cage the Elephant "Ain't No Rest for the Wicked"

Kristie said...

That was nice! Thanks for sharing honey!

Anonymous said...

These guys are awesome! I'm gonna have to go buy THAT album now. Thanks DL...


Oh..and Raven...the new Cage The Elephant has some other good tracks on it as well!