Music Lover Monday

This new love is courtesy of my sister, who told me about this band this weekend. They have been featured on Grey's Anatomy and Friday Night Lights (SWOOOOOOOON-Taylor Kitsch, who places Tim Riggins) (An aside: Please check out his yummy, sexy, goodness below: )

Ahem. Sorry. I was supposed to be talking about the MUSIC, not the guy that makes me drool and feel like I'm in high school all over again, huh? Okay, moving right along:

They are The Rescues.

I really REALLY like them. After I pay my tuition for the summer, I might need to invest some of that extra loan $ in a hefty itunes credit.

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Raven said...

Taylor is GAMBIT in the X-Men movie so he's prime for the lusting, if you can tear your eyes away from naked Hugh that is!