Where I digress & digress & .....

Right now I should be working. On what? Hell, I don't know, but I'm pretty sure I should be working while at work. But, instead, I am trying to catch up on people's posts (except Alan's because I don't think I will EVER catch up, since he posts like 12 times a day). I'm also doing that thing where you read a post, and someone's comment catches your eye, so you click over to their blog, and then you start reading their posts, and then another comment catches your eye, and then.....it's been like 45 minutes and you don't even know how you got where you are!
Maybe this is why I don't ever catch up on my Google Reader!

But I digress.

I've got 21 days before the summer semester starts. 21 days before my internship starts, before I'm stuck with the alleged 'professor from hell', the one that molds the easiest class into the most dreaded, difficult, beatdown of a class. And to make matters worse, I have her class on Wednesday nights, and during the summer, the classes are 3 hours & 20 minutes long, and she never lets her class out early. So what does this mean? I will be hungry, I will be crabby, & I will be Tweeting as much as possible in class just to survive it every week.

Alas, (by the way, who the hell says 'alas' anymore? Seriously, unless you are writing a novel set in another century, right?) I decided to go to grad school, so I can't really bitch about the negatives, can I? (OOOooooo, yes I can, and I will!!!)

I digressed again.

In the next 21 days, I'm going out for drinks with a couple of friends so we can celebrate being done with our Spring semester. Then, I'm embarking on another liquid cleanse. Then, I'm going to a book signing, and omg, I am really excited about this one! In fact, sooo excited, I'm just going to post about it separately (you are just dying to know, aren't you? Pffft). Also...

I seriously need to catch up on my DVR. I still haven't watched the entire inaugaration, for cripe's sake! And the entire season of Grey's Anatomy sits there, between the entire season of Private Practice & 56 episodes of Reno 911, all calling my name. I shit you not: I haven't watched this season's Grey's Anatomy, because I never finished last season! So, in the next 21 days, I swear I am going to rent Season 3 and catch up! If not, my husband will surely delete all my shows. He gets all annoyed that I have used 45 of the 784,539 available recordable hours on the DVR. It just gets under his skin, and it makes me giggle.

Oh, and speaking of shows! Can I please complain about Prison Break?? Now, I will never complain about the glorious eye candy on that show, but I am just so damn sick and tired of the confusion. Oh for fuck's sake, can we just get on with it!? Can you just find this SCYLLA thing and why don't you blow up that bitch of a 'mother', along with the scary bald-headed guy, & THAT CREEP T-bag (which makes me think of 'tit-bag') and omg, quit with the serious staring, will ya??? I realize this show is ending soon. I realize I will miss the sexy eye candy, and the d.r.a.m.a., but right this instant, I just yell at the TV every time I watch an episode.

I digressed, but now you know what I will be doing Friday night, after I go out for drinks. Thank goodness for my DVR.

Other shit on TV annoying me right now: Celebrity Apprentice. I don't watch it, but I can't even stand the commercials for it. Joan Rivers? Her fake face? Trump with his hideous facial expressions? Thank goodness that's over.

And can I talk about the shows I am loving right now? Dirty Jobs never gets old. Nor does The Deadliest Catch. Oh, and Medium.

All that digression has got me sleepy. And snacky.

Happy Tuesday!


Sarah said...

I had a ridiculous professor last quarter. I tweeted like it was going out of style whilst (now who uses whilst anymore?) in that class.
Good luck hon! You will be done before ya know it!

Scary Mommy said...

I am so grateful that the internet was in it's early days while I was in school. I NEVER would have gotten a thing done with all of the distractions here! And I'm with you on Grey's. I'm about ready to just delete them all since they seem so daunting now!

Anonymous said...

I do NOT post 12 times a day! As a matter of fact, I have slowed to a crawl over the past couple of weeks! I've been cutting waaaaaay back...just so you can get all caught up on reading! :-)

Anonymous said...

Lol, Alan updates FB 12(ish times a day) though....I refer to the lawn mowing day. Yes, yes I do. Hey do you tweet A?

Medium! OMG-I-know! I love the guy that plays her new evil boss! Hubby is always all, "If you woke me up that much and in that way I'd SO divorce your ass."...lol. He's a charmer!

Anonymous said...

It took me 2 days to catch up on 9 days of DVR and, man, was it worth it. Grab lots of tissue for Grey's this season. The finale is a monster!!

CP said...

Medium is where it's at- I also love that show!

21 days? And why can't you fit a trip to Seattle in there?

TUWABVB said...

Yes, I'm commenting 12 days later - I think that's about equal to the fact you still have the inauguaration on your DVR (that made me laugh out loud).

The professors that have easy classes usually have axes to grind because everyone thinks they are a breeze. I found that if you show respect and that you take the class seriously you can stay off their radar. :)