Is it really only Thursday?

Bullets, again, because I am tired, in la-la land, and WANT to be creative, but just can't find the energy:

  • The Professor from Hell last night was...well, NICE. WTF? She's sorta grandmotherly, smart, experienced, and well, a bit crazy too. I did address the fact that I emailed her four damn times in a week's time about getting assignments & the syllabus, and her response was 'Oh, I hardly check my email. No worries!' Is she f-ing kidding me? I mean, I stressed about this crap, and she HARDLY CHECKS HER EMAIL?? Lovely. So not only did I stress about something all week for no damn reason, but apparently she didn't worry too much about what I missed, so why should I?? Anyway, I trust her as far as I can throw her, and as I said, she's a bit crazy: She kept talking about safety last night. Oh, we must be SAFE when working with all types of clients and 'How many feet away from your car are you before you automatically unlock your doors?' and don't give ANYONE your cell number and YOU MUST HAVE BOUNDARIES WITH YOUR CLIENTS and on and on AND ON. It was a beatdown, to say the least.
  • There were some nasty storms here last night and today, and Professor from Hell (which I may have to rename Crazy Grandma Professor) wouldn't let us leave. I'm talking eerie green skies, menacing clouds, horizontal-falling rain, bad-ass lightning, thunder that shook our old-ass building, flickering lights, pea-sized hail......'Oh, well, we will be fine up here' ON THE THIRD FLOOR. Lucky for us, my house and family fared well while I was stuck in class, other than my mother's fence falling down and my hammock getting caught in a tree.
  • My internship professor is driving me a bit nuts too. I really promise I am not a judgy type of person or someone who makes fun of EVERYTHING. I mean, I'll make fun, but I'm not particularly mean or malicious. I just have little patience for certain people this week, and I don't know why. So, anyway, my internship professor is ALWAYS RUSHING and ALWAYS BEHIND. For instance, today: We were to meet at 12:15 with my co-interns to have our weekly supervision meeting, go over what she wanted from us for the next week, ask questions, discuss clients, etc. It was supposed to be done at 1pm. I get there at 12:05 and she's missing in action. Fine, sure, I'll wait. 12:20-one of my co-interns & myself are sitting in an empty room waiting on her. 12:30-Prof shows up and asks where the other two interns are. No idea. She starts calling their cell phones. Finally, at like 12:38, she decides to go ahead and start with us. And........talks like two words per minute, I swear. I was soooo frustrated. Seriously? You start late as hell, talk slow, and it's over stuff we could have just CHATTED ABOUT ONLINE, ON THE PHONE, OR YESTERDAY after our hours were up for the day?? Gah. I wanted to rip my hair out. So, I got back to the office a full hour later than I had planned. So, I'm behind on work (fairly simple stuff, but STILL!), behind on blogging, behind on the stupid mother of all shitty things: Google Reader, and could I complain a little more?
  • Sure, I can. My scalp is stilllllll itchy. I've tried the stuff Biddy suggested, I've been using Selsum Blue, and now I'm going to buy that T-gel stuff from Neutragena, but I may just ITCH MY DAMN HAIR OUT. My mom says she heard that an itchy scalp might be a symptom of diabetes, and I've been tested before because of other annoying symptoms (the worst dry mouth EVER, almost all the time), but also? If you saw my tweet, I have a hive or possible shingle on my ankle, under my tattoo. And for the past 2 summers, I've gotten a shitty case of the shingles that my primary doctor tries to say ISN'T THE SHINGLES until he finally gets so sick of hearing me say it that he does the damn blood test to see that OH, I DOOOOOOO HAVE THE SHINGLES, thanks. He claims that I am having an allergic reaction to SOMETHING but who the hell knows what? Anyway, the past 2 summers, it has started in the same two places: my ankles and my neck. Guess what else is itchy besides this hive/shingle/patch on my tattoo? Yep. My neck. Shit shit shit.
  • So, I'm popping so much Lysine that I think I'm pooping it in pill form. I'm upping my other vitamin intakes as well, and eating blueberries by the pint daily. Please, please PLEASE don't come visit me this summer, Mr. Shitty Shingles.
  • I have seriously got a dozen posts ready in my head and heart, but I just don't have the time! Frickety frick!! It took me a damn hour to type up this shitastic post at work between filing, phone calls, the cleaning lady asking me if I was pregnant (WHAT THE FUCK? PEOPLE? Seriously?? Will that question ever stop??? Oh, and she asked me that after she asked me why I had a cold in the summer? "Maybe you are pregnant?" NO, damn it shit. I wish I was, but NO, I'm not. Gah. Now I need alcohol and a few dozen cupcakes to feel better about that question.), & a phone call from my mother. And with no interruptions, I would be able to type this shitastic post in a good 5 minutes. Sigh.
  • Well, just know that I've got FANTASTIC BLOG FODDER in my head. Isn't that good enough?
  • In the meantime, may I shamelessly talk about my other blog, that may or may not make you blush, but just makes me giggle nine times out of ten? (That tenth time? I sigh, gasp, or go "ooooooooooo, NICE.") Go check it out, and seriously, do some anonymous boobie sending, will ya?


Anonymous said...

Oh dear. You need a hug.

Hug yourself. I'll wait....done yet?....now?....OK, if you aren't done yet you are doing more than hugging and STOP IT. That's not going to make babies.

I seriously think people should get one smack in the head for every minute they are late. It's SO RUDE.

Auntie Em said...

Geeze...Louezze...you need a bottle or two of wine and some chili poppers with a finish of razeberry cheesecake! I'll be right there!

Anonymous said...

You made me tired just reading that. I'm gonna take a nap!