An update of sorts (AKA: I suck at posting, among other things)

Bullets. And maybe a few pictures.
  • Hubby's grandma made it through Wednesday night. Heartrate still low, oxygen levels low, hospice is coming in. It's pretty emotionally draining to watch her loved ones say goodbye, only to find out she is still alive this morning, and they will have to do their goodbyes all over again. Sad.

  • My BFF from Cali, the one that calls me Dan, is here until Sunday. Bad timing, with hubby's grandmother being so close to passing, but still, I am all SQUEEEEEEE! Today we went to lunch, caught up a bit, giggled as silly things, and drove by our old high school. Tomorrow: (grandma pending) We plan on crashing the Hilton's pool (and not the skinny bitch Hilton, but the hotel Hilton, just in case there was any confusion *snort*) Never mind that her father has a pool here, and his house is literally 2 minutes from my house. We want cocktails and other people.

  • I officially started my internship this week, and omg, the professor is organized in a totally unorganized way. Sigh. I was assigned a few interesting cases. Gotta get past my anxiety of calling & meeting unknowns who intimidate me.

  • I missed my seminar class last night to say goodbye to hubby's grandma. This woman, now forever called the Seminar Nazi, takes points off of your grade every time you miss, no matter what. Doesn't matter that someone is dying. Doesn't matter that someone already died. Doesn't matter that your ankle is broken and you can't drive because it's attached to the foot that pushs the gas and brake pedals. No eating in class. It's from 6pm-9:20pm every Wednesday. SERIOUSLY?? No food? Me?? I'll pass out. Omg, I am a snacker, is she kidding me?? I emailed her this morning, and never heard back from her. Screw her and her points off.

  • Hubby's brothers visited grandma. It's a long story that isn't really mine to tell, and one I won't even PRETEND TO UNDERSTAND, but his two older brothers don't talk to their mother, or to my hubby. Needless to say, it was uncomfortable and nervewrecking. The younger of the 2 brothers had a nice talk with my hubby, and we might actually get my girl to meet her 12 year old cousin FOR THE FIRST TIME this weekend.

  • My girl started her summer swimming lessons Tuesday. She begged and begged (& b.e.g.g.e.d.) for goggles, and I kept putting her off. Finally, she asked me if I thought her teacher would have any for her to borrow. I said I doubted it, but guess what? We get there and she hands the kiddos goggles. She turned towards me with those silly goggles on, with this "I told ya so" look on her face. I cracked up.

  • The mosquito killer came and put all sorts of mosquito killer stuff down in the backyard. Here's hoping they go away for....evvvvvvvvv.er.

  • This is exciting: Holly, Miss Grace, and I started a blog on a whim. See that button over there ---------> with the boobies? We are just plain silly, but really, it's just plain brilliant. Also? Feel free to send in your own freeeeeeeee boobies, & they can even been posted anonymously if you like. I'm sorta hoping we can add a few other features, I'm just not quite sure what they would be.....in the meantime, enjoy!

  • My tomato plants are doing lovely:
  • My girl had some strange allergic reaction on Sunday. Covered in hives. Took 2 days for them to go down. Now I get to work at the exciting task of reintroducing all of the new things, one at a time, that could have been the trigger. Weeeeee. Nothing I'd rather do with my spare time.
  • Haven't worked out in 2 weeks. Lovely. I'm buying the new Jillian DVD this weekend, and starting fresh on Monday.
  • My bananas are completely brown, my fridge is full of fresh veggies that I don't have the energy to cook, my DVR is sending me angry vibes, and my Google Reader is sending me hate mail.
  • I have sooo many posts ready in my head, but am sooooooooo wiped out from this week.
  • That is all.


Anonymous said...

I missed you!

What a sucky week....tell your prof to BITE YOU. What a fricking witch.

Anonymous said...

What kind of demon woould make you those hours of the day with no food?
Sending you good vibes. They work. ;0)

CP said...

I missed you too! Although I DID check out your boobies over at the other blog. HAHAHAHA

Jenny Grace said...

Sorry about your week.

I kinda want to add more goodness to our blog too.

I honestly was not expecting it to be such a smash hit! Although I guess it's no surprise.

Anonymous said...

You got a lot going on girl! Have a great weekend and hopefully you'll get some time to relax!

Anonymous said...

Wow, your week has sucked! Saying a little prayer for you and your family. Atleast you have awesome tomatoes, right? Ours are not doing so hot this year, but our cucumbers and jalapenos are awesome.

Anonymous said...

I hope the BFF gives you a little relief from the stress of grandmother. Hang in there and soak up the loves from So Cal.