If you are like me, you enter contests on people's blogs fairly regularly. And, if you are like me, you never win. Last summer I won a prize package from Fiona Picklebottom, and then hosted one of my very few contests, where 10 people commented, and 10 people won. Except, I am pretty sure I never sent Just a Girl her prize, but I'm hoping I will make it to Austin before the end of the f-ing century, and I can just give it to her in person.

Anyway, so this time? This time I actually won!!! Royal Jewels rocks because she sent out my package on Monday from San Francisco, and I got it on Wednesday. Squeeeee!

So, here's what I got:

[I'm having issues with Blogger-it's pretty difficult to move pictures around on the post once I upload them, and you might be able to hear my scream across the country] So, bear with me. I can't seem to put any descriptions between the pictures. So!

-The first picture is probably my favorite thing in the entire box-it's a teeny tiny flask! With a little key chain thingy on it! Portable alcohol! Handy and teeny and omg, sweet!

-A little package of incense, a teeny elephant incense holder, and 2 pretty flower candles. These are going to work with me ASAP.

-Spray hand sanitizer and a little page holder. And yes, my camera blows in comparison to other bloggers' bad-ass cameras, but the page holder has a little whale and a beach inside.

-The next 3 pictures are of little soaps shaped in symbols #&$@? and flowers. And I am so smart that I thought maybe, just maybe, the flowers were actually candy. So I opened them and lightly licked one. Not candy. Soap. Thank GOODNESS I didn't bite into it.

-Gum that I'm hiding from my kid, because she thinks anything in my purse belongs to HER.

-And lastly, things I will share with my girl: A little San Fran cup, teeny fireworks, and sidewalk chalk (the death of me).

-And not pictured: A CD that she made. I can't wait to hear it and report back. You know I love my music!!

Thank you, thank you Jules! I am so excited to have won a contest (even if I did get soap in my teeth)!

I will be hosting my own contest soon (to keep in the spirit of Swistle's Pay it Forward Contests), and will post details next week.


the girl with the pink teacup said...

YAY for winning stuff! Looks like you scored a serious haul of goodies on this one.

Oh, this little bit made me laugh so, so much:

"I thought maybe, just maybe, the flowers were actually candy. So I opened them and lightly licked one. Not candy. Soap."

Secret: I've mistaken soap for yummy things too. But like you, managed to resist biting into it.

Jenny Grace said...

I love this package, I love you, I love Julia. So. SQUEE!

Aunt Juicebox said...

Very nice prizes! Congrats!

Anonymous said...

Yay! Glad you like your stuff! Also, that's handmade soap I whipped up just for you that you tried to eat. I guess I can now advertise that my soap looks good enough to eat.

Yay!! :)

TUWABVB said...

I love the package! Especially the flask - although it might be too small for the purpose for which I use flasks - they usually involved family. Of the in-law kind. :)