It's Monday....whatever.

  • Thank you, as always, for all of your kind words last week. I appreciate them. I freak the fuck out sometimes. And seriously, life is scary sometimes. But you guys rock, and you really ground me, or at least get me closer to the ground. :)

  • The elliptical machine is now in my dining room, on dollies. It's getting closer to my bedroom. I may weight 450 lbs by the time it makes it there, with all of this stress-eating I've been doing, but, whatever.

  • This is my only week off of school. Until the 2nd week of December. My plans? Walk the dog every day, take Friday off to take my kid to the water park, & hopefully get a massage. Oh, and finish reading The Time Traveler's Wife.

  • We had a serious scare in our house yesterday. My husband calls me while I leave the house for 20 minutes to go buy some fruit & the Sims' Creator game for our Wii. Apparently, my girl told him she ate something white off of the chair, and it "tasted yucky". My hubby's taking strong drugs for his back, and was worried that medicine had been left out. I know I didn't leave it out; I know it's sitting on the counter in the lovely child-proof container that she hasn't figured out. So I go home, thinking of everything we have eaten today....crumbs from the poptart? Dried yogurt? WTF? She shows me a spot on the chair, where I had just recently been napping. A white smudge. *ding ding ding* I lift my arm up, and point to my deodorant. I ask her "Did it look like this?". She peers at my armpit, sniffs it, and says "Yeah, your deodorant tastes like crap". Nice. My kid ate a deodorant dingleberry. Seriously, only MY KID.

  • Good news: My hubby was awarded a job that he bid on last week! Squee! It isn't one of the huge ones we are hoping for, but it's a VAST IMPROVEMENT from yesterday, YA KNOW? I'm bouncing in my seat just thinking about it.

  • My kid peed in the field by our house yesterday. It never freakin' fails: we get somewhere, and she has to pee. "Mommy, I gotta go pottyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!" while putting her hand between her knees, and hopping all over the place. Shoot me. We joke that she has a checklist for every damn restaurant bathroom in the Metroplex, because I swear we visit every one every time, at least once. Anyway, it was hot out, we had literally just walked down the road & stepped onto the grass, & I didn't want to walk back. (lazy) So, I let her use my arm as a booty seat, and she peed under a tree. Right as a car drove by. Mother of the Year Award, right here please.

  • I'm pretty sure grades come out this week. But my school's website is being a bitchy bitch, and I can't log on. Sigh.

  • My sister came over to borrow a dress for a wedding she is going to. What is wrong w/ this picture when my 12 year old sister looks so much better in a dress than me?? Sigh.

  • My crackberry has gone through 2 batteries in the last week. And it's still not even charged halfway, despite being on the charger pretty much 24 hours a day over the weekend. Guess who has to go replace her crackberry again?

  • Dreamt about babies and dogs all weekend.

  • Played Sim Creator for the Wii last night, when my hubby would relinquish control of the one controller that didn't have dead batteries. That thing is craziness. It didn't help that my financial advisor was a damn Madam, and she sure didn't know a lot about building cities. That game is a time suck, seriously. Avoid it at all costs.

  • Got some awesome posts lined up, if I do say so myself. Just need the damn energy to type them. What the hell is wrong with me?

  • Also, I officially hate turkey bacon. No longer wasting my time w/ it. I've tried microwaving, pan frying, and putting in the oven. It comes out looking and tasting like crap (but not like deoderant).

  • And........that's all I got.


MzEll said...

You made me CACKLE. Oh sweet, little girl... you are too funny. (should I tell you I call my children dingleberries as a term of endearment?)

My brother had a potty complex when he was younger too. He had to go to the bathroom in every place we went. No potty seat was left unlifted for years and years...

I'm so glad today feels better...

Holly said...

I love you.

Also....turkey bacon NEVER good

Jenny Grace said...

So....I guess tasting things that aren't food runs in the family?

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the gig for your hubby. I know THAT was stressful but at least he has something lined up! Dunno what to say about the deoderant dingleberry. Guess it's good that it didn't make her puke! As for Wii games...try the Madden football series. Bought one for my son...I can't get him to put the damn controller down. Awesome game! Love it! Oh wait...you're a girl...nevermind. :-)

Plus...I kinda like turkey bacon.

Anonymous said...

MMMMMMM...deoderant dingleberry. hahahahaa. Awesome. Yay for the job!!!

Unknown said...

oh my god, I think that deoderant dingleberry is one of the funniest things I've heard!

Chibi said...

- I just like the word "dingleberry."
- I, too, "inspected" every. single. bathroom. everywhere we went when I was a tyke.
- Don't even TALK to me about Sims. Chebbar spent eleventy-million dollars buying the game and alllll the expansion packs, only to play for maybe three weeks and then SELLING THE WHOLE LOT.
- You want time suck? Try Animal Crossing. Oh Em Gee. Now I'm addicted to a video game. *blush*
- The rechargeable batteries for the Wii Motes? Best. Thing. Ever. We got ours (two pack) for $30 at Costco.

TUWABVB said...

I had turkey bacon the other day that REFUSED to cook. I put it in the microwave through numerous cycles and it stayed raw. It was the weirdest thing. I assumed it was demon-possessed bacon. My husband (always the voice of reason) suggested perhaps our microwave was broken.

I still think I'm right.