The things we do for love

Friday I took the day off from work, with the intent of getting some things done in the morning, including trying to do some hardcore writing, and then taking my girlie to the water park with her BFF, Paige. Luckily, it had poured all morning, so it wasn't super-hot, and apparently everyone was out shopping (tax-free weekend here in Texas), so it was not busy at all. It was such a fun time. These two girls are so incredibly sweet and silly together. They play so well together, and I really had a great time with them. Here they are being silly:


We had our little home visit with the dog adoption agency on Sunday. That was interesting. I have one simple word for the lady that asked us questions: annoying. She immediately tried to persuade us away from one of the dogs we are interested in. She said things completely opposite from this dog's foster mother, whom we met on Saturday, when we met the dog. She was rather annoying. She even went so far as to say "I don't want you to get a dog that will draw your attention & energy away from your young daughter". I wanted to deck her right there. Really? Because we didn't think this through before we filled out the application. OH, and I'm so dumb-ass-looking that I don't have the slightest clue how to multi-task, and take care of 2 dogs, a kid, my house, my job, school, & every other fucking thing. Sheesh.

Anyway, we should be hearing something this week, and should be scheduling separate visits with 3 dogs, 2 of which we have not met yet. Fingers crossed.


My girl really wanted to do my hair Sunday, and I really wanted to take a nap, so I sorta gave in. I played 'school' and 'house' with her, and fell asleep face down on her carpet so she could 'do my hair'. The outcome?


And that's only one side of my head. What you don't see is about 7000 other clips & bows, and two pigtails on either side of my head, just above my ears. I even drove over to my mom's house like that.


I didn't need them, and I was actually looking for something for someone else, when these caught my eye: (Please ignore the Redbox DVD in the background, & the 7000000 pieces of dog hair on the passenger seat of my Jeep-I am a photo-genius, I swear)

So I IM'ed them to Chris because we send pictures of things to each other approximately 12 times a day. She wanted some. So I went back and bought her a pair. Shipping them today.


And, because I love blogging, being of service to others (but not of service to my husband, according to him! snort), and VENTING w/ no consequences, I came up with The 'When pills aren't enough' Sessions.

When Pills Aren't Enough
Please join the fun! Email me a post that you want put on another participant's blog & LET IT ALL OUT. I have lots of interested peeps, but the more the merrier!


Unknown said...

Words cannot describe how cool those hairclips look on you!

Unknown said...

The eleventythousand hair clips are worth it if it meant a nap... and someone playing with your hair - which NEVER fails to put me to sleep.

Melissa @ I Pick Pretty said...

That hair deserves a prize, or at the very least a monument.

Those two girls are too cute; clever you to get the facilities to yourself while the masses (ie, me) were out tax-free shopping.

I have a few "When Pills Aren't Enough" rants rattling around in my head, and if/when I decide to go public with them, I will send them along.

Badass Geek said...

You know, after my experiences this weekend, pills aren't nearly enough.

lane said...

oh shit. that hair is HAWT. i smell a trend. the minute an intern at vogue mag scopes out this blog post, this new trend will be all over their next issue. they'll probably give it a name like "nostalgic toddler chic" or "faux school house rock". mark my words.

lane said...

p.s. cute pic of the girlies at the pool!! :)

Jenny Grace said...

The shoes I love. And tell me you'll let your daughter do your hair before work. Because that? That would be awesome.

Anonymous said...

Good luck with the doggie and I LOVE your new hair style! LOL

TUWABVB said...

In love with those shoes! Yes, I'm late in commenting (mom has really put a crimp in my computer time), but please share where you found them! Love the hair as well - and I need that BB&B coupon. That is all.