Honest (S)crap & Hot Dads' Feature

 A new bloggy friend that I have connected with, Kelly, over at Chains of Yesterday, gave me this lovely award (Please go read her; she is wonderful). Like her, I have seen it going around on the 'net. Like her, I am having a hard time deciding who to award it to. Hmmmm...
Here's my 6 choices, in no certain order, and again, like Kelly, I picked people who don't have HUGE readership, since us wee teeny ones deserve the love, as well:

1. A Near Life Experience  I may or may not have a slight crush on this sexy mama. She cracks my ass up too. Also? Please follow her on twitter, will ya?  

2. Aidan at Ivy League Insecurities This woman is such a fantastic writer. You must go read her stuff, like NOW.

3. Musings of a Moxie Mama  Two words: Adore her.

4. Tom the Girl I am new to her blog, but love her. She is a sexy mama, and? She has a highly confidental picture of my hair in a compromising position, shall we say, and well, that alone gives her this award.

I suggest you go read these ladies, meet them, introduce yourselves, rub boobies, whatever. They are talented, funny, and omg, why can't I just meet them NOW, NOW, NOW?!

Also, click on over to Hot Dads today-I'm being featured! *wiggles eyebrows*


My Bottle's Up! said...

dude.... you, over at hot dad's totes turned me on. *wink*

lane said...

you rock my socks, ladybug.

THANK YOU for the loverly award. it's my first EVER and i'm so proud to have it bestowed upon me by such a kickass mama :).

blogher 2010, i'm tellin' you. i will find a way to make it happen!

and CONGRATS on being featured at hot dads. i'm headed over there now to check it out. *hugs*

Sarah said...

Thanks, Baby! I adore you as well.

Really curious about the compromised hair? Would really like to know just what in the hell that means. Do tell.

Am on my way to read your bloggy choices!


P.S. Sorry about the Target bitch. Do I need to come down there and kick some ass? Cause I will.

Sarah said...

AND yay for you at Hot Dads!

You are so sexy and naughty, too, little elf.

I'll be Dumpy. Why didn't she make the list?

Aidan Donnelley Rowley said...

Thank you so much for this fabulous award! I am beyond honored and humbled and pumped!

tom the girl said...

wow - thank you! i'm totally honored. in return, i shall make out with you at blogher10.

(i win twice!)