A teeny update & then we are back to "normal"

Oh hai! Have you missed me? Well, I sure have missed my little corner of the internet, even though it's messy & a bit of a dirty whore.
So, in the past week:
-My dog has been named Max, after lots of voting from everyone (including you, my dear readers)
-We got a contract on our house, and after the initial low-ball offer, they gave us an offer we could happily handle. We have to be out November 22nd. I will miss my house, but what can you do, right?
-We are renting a house until we find something we love at an awesome price. We didn't feel like we could do that in less than 30 days, and didn't want to rush. Now, where we are renting is the issue. My hubby changes his mind hourly, although I must admit all of his ideas are good ones.
-We are combining the office and the house, wherever we end up. It just makes sense to save $3K a month in rent on a pretty office building that only the 2 of us (and 7000 lbs of construction-related stuff) share.
-I was featured on Five Star Friday a couple of weeks ago. How cool is that? Thank you to whomever nominated me....I think I have an idea of who it was.
-I have so many post ideas, they are pouring out my ears, I swear it.
-My other site was shut down, so we moved. We had already been planning on moving, but seriously? Some asswipe douchebag fuckface schmuck concerned citizen reported us to Google. Seriously? That little red box up there in the upper righthand corner of your computer? The one with the little x? You can hit that mo-fo at any time to leave a website you aren't digging.
-I'm worried about my girl lately. She has become more argumentative in recent weeks, and listens less, if that's even possible. Is it the age? I mean, even knowing stuff about child development, I feel lost here.
-Did I mention that my hubby deleted everything off of the DVR again? Sigh.


Holly said...

Hunny bunny, it's totally normal for the arguing. And it get's worse. CONGRATS! You love me. Really you do.

YAY for the house selling! And combining the office. And moving to Canada to be closer to me. Good plan.

Sarah said...

Yep. She's right. The arguing/not listening, all par for this fun, fun course. Ingrates.

So, what is the Five Star Friday and what website got the axe? Do tell.

Please indulge my undying nosiness. I am salivating and on the edge of my seat, commando to boot.

Chibi Jeebs said...

The new site won't load for me in Firefox, only the shitastic IE (and this both at home and at work, so it's not just my computer). :(