Marshmallows & open doors

Before I get sidetracked by trays full of homemade peppermint bark or that half-eaten bag of marshmallows calling my name from the pantry, I wanted to let you know that my last post was not a true story. I'm pretty sure I forgot to mention that. I was taking the 2nd
 {w}rite of passage challenge, where I create a story around someone I have seen. So, yeah. I will be sure to mention when I'm writing for {w}rite of passage, by prefacing my post title with {W}. Deal?
So, moving right along...
We are pretty sure the house next door to us is haunted. Actually, funny story, but uh, the house is vacant and we put a bid on it when we first sold our house. And it was accepted. But we backed out because we were afraid that if my nomadic hubby wanted to move in 2 years (Is the f-ing sky blue? Do I like sweets?), we wouldn't be able to sell, as the houses on this street have been verrrryyyy slllllllllllowwwwwwww to sell. There are 8 houses on this block, and we have lived in two of them so far. If we were to buy the haunted house, that would make 3. So, anyway. (Bear with me here. I am stuffing marshmallows in my mouth, trying not to DIE from the stinkbombs this f-ing dog keeps throwing at me as he sleeps peacefully with his ass in my lap, and omg, did I mention I am in love with the show Californication??? I digress.....)
So, we are living in this house for now. It belongs to a good friend of hubby's. We would buy it if it wasn't so overpriced, I think? Hell, I don't know. Again, I digress. Back to the story, crazy marshmallow mouth lady.
The haunted house, AKA the giraffe house- since the stones all along the front give it a spotted-like-a-giraffe, is vacant because of an awful accident. Back in June 2008, the owner had his BFF over and they drank it up. And they played with guns (I have no idea). And he accidently shot & killed himself. Yeah.
So, when we lived in the 1st house on this block, back when our damn now-sold house flooded, I walked the doggies every night. And every night, Kooter would get all wonky and weird when we walked by the giraffe house: hair standing up along his spine, deep growling, and yanking on the leash to climb the steps. Daisy avoided the steps at all costs, even if that cost was wrapping her leash around the mailbox & ripping her owner's arms(read: MINE) out of their sockets. Just odd.
So we all joked that the house was haunted.
Then we walked the giraffe house and made an offer on it. It is big, beautiful, dark, and lonely. It needs children & laughs & open blinds & stinkbomb-throwing dogs & dog hair & a kitchen full of food. It is much bigger than I need. It doesn't creep me out to know that someone died in it. I didn't even know him, had never met him. I am actually a little surprised that the thought of living in that house doesn't bug me.
Then we moved into this house, right next door to the giraffe house. And odd little things started happening.
First, that house is always dark. The weekend we move in, the light in the bathroom is on, which happens to be right next to our bathroom & bedroom. Then, 3 days later, that light is out, and a light in the living room is one. And then a few days later, another light. Mind you, no one lives there, and mind you, I am fully aware that there are logical explanations, such as light timers. But I never claimed to be logical, now did I?
Second, things started happening in this house. We started to joke that our dead neighbor was coming by to visit, or that he was lost. We will be in the living room and the door going to the garage will open on it's own. We will be in the media room and the door alarm will beep-beep-beep like a door is opening (DUH), but there are no doors open in the house. We will be upstairs and the door leading to the side of the house and the driveway will open on it's own. I am not shitting you here. It's just...interesting.
I don't get any bad vibes from this house (or the giraffe house for that matter), so there's that.
Now, we have changed some plans about our next home. I don't think we are going to build just yet. Which is fine with me, because I hate to see my hubby's stress level go through the roof any more than it already does. So we are in the market for a house. And I think we are going to make an offer on the haunted giraffe house again. And if we get it, not only will I be living with a ghost, but it will be a wonderful investment/return on our investment when we sell. I'll just have to get used to knowing exactly what room the guy accidently killed himself in. If you plan on visiting me, I will spare you that little detail.

So, really, I don't know where I'm going with this. I think I'll have another fistful of marshmallows.


MommyGeek said...

My mother's house is haunted by a very nice gentleman who died in it before she purchased it. He's quite protective of her, actually. And a bit of a jokester. We also hear our family dog, Misty, throughout the house at night sometimes.

Sarah said...

Well yesterday's post was really well written, true or not. Well done!

And the ghost thing is creepy, but kinda fun.

Biddy said...

oh goody! i can't wait to come see you guys again :-/


Sarah said...

The house I grew up in was haunted. The crazy lady that lived in it years before we did hung herself in the garage. My Mom never told me because I am a weinie and she didn't want to freak my ass out. She never bothered me, or my Mom. She liked my Mom, I guess, because she took good care of the house and they both liked to garden. Then my Mom married Husband #2 who was really shitty to my Mom and me. And even our dog...so crazy ghost lady started fucking with him...moving things s he couldn't find them and what not...he would accuse my Mom but she had never touched his shit. She knew what was happening and it always gave her a chuckle...til she threw his sorry ass out.

Anonymous said...

Scary ghosts stories have never scared me as I'm such a non-believer. i only believe in angels.

I could easily live there too (except the commute to Peth would kill me) especially knowing that he didn't die a violent death. He wouldn't have been scared as he didn't know it was going to happen. So I'm sure your ghost will be a friendly sorta guy.


Dude! Just reading this post gave me chillbumps!


Then again, I grew up with ghosts myself. Yeah, seemed like a pretty normal childhood at the time.

thecoconutdiaries said...

Is it sad that the first think I thought when you mentioned the gunshot story was the episode of 90210 when David's friend Scott shot himself?

Yeah, I'm THAT old school.

MzEll said...

Yay for ghosty houses!! It sounds like something that will make life interesting for a long time. Does Miss Girly think anything about it?

Also, my cousins all live in the same town as you, so I technically have a reason to come and see the giraffe house for myself!!

Aidan Donnelley Rowley said...

So so creepy. I don't think I could live there! You are a brave soul. And a funny one. I LOVE peppermint bark. I know that was so not the point of this post, but I had to mention that.

It is great to be back here. Happy New Year!

Chelsea Talks Smack said...

a fistful of marshmellows solves everything.