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So, while I've taken a long hiatus from my blog (Do you really want to know what I've been up to? Nothing supa-dupa exciting, but I could lay it all out for you if you want.), I have become a part of a couple of new websites, and have found a few others that intrigue me. I figured I would share, since sharing is caring, or some such shit, right? I'm sweet like that, remember?
1. The Book Lushes--Started by the lovely Jonna of Jonniker and Jennie of She Likes Purple , this is an online reading club. You read the book, and discuss amongst yourselves. This month's book is The Help by Kathryn Stockett. I ordered mine from Amazon, but I'm pretty sure you can get it anywhere (even Target!). Won't you join us?

2. Next up is {W}rite of Passage, started by the talented Mrs.Flinger. This is a brilliant idea, and I've tried hard to stay up to date on the challenges (yeah, failing miserably so far). Basically, she provides writing challenges, you post on your own blog, and if you want any feedback or critique, you link your post to the website and voila!-Sit back and enjoy new readers! (And comments) I love love LOVE this site, and the challenges really make you think. 

3. Next: I am SecondVideos are posted of both famous and every-day people, talking about their struggles, and finding their purpose in life. It's actually pretty uplifting, and totally interesting. People included are Brian Welch (formerly of Korn), Jason Witten of the Dallas Cowboys, and Michelle Aguilar from The Biggest Loser.(I think I like hers the best).
Go. Listen. Find some hope. Strength. Motivation. Inspiration.

4. Next: Media that Matters. This is a wonderful website with short films that have a purpose. Some are about the environment. Some, like the one below, are directed towards social issues. Take a second to watch this one.

Knock Knock. Who's There? (Violence Against Women) from Breakthrough on Vimeo.

It moved me. What about you?

Any new websites you've been to lately? Ready to share?

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linlah said...

Great sites are all finds. The Breakthrough you posted is very powerful.