Bah (Or rather: MOO, if we are being politically correct)

My hubby bought me a gorgeous sweater/coat/jacket thingy from Anthropologie that I was drooling over. He bought it right when we moved into this house. It's made of wool.
Do you need an outline to see where this is going?
I wore the hell out of it over the holidays. I wore it last week to my internship, where I may or may not have spilled salad dressing on it during one of my intense hunger pangs, where I may or may not have been sneezed on by a resident, with gusto.
Into the wash it went.
Except I didn't read the damn tag. COLD WATER. HAND WASH. *shakes fist at sky*
I washed it in warm water, and luckily I did the whole gentle cycle thing.
Except I fell asleep before the washing machine was done doing it's thing.
I woke up to a damn sweater/coat/jacket that would probably fit my 4 year old snuggly.
Of course, I panicked. And at 6:30 in the morning I was googling HOW TO STRETCH WOOL. And yes, like the 12 year old boy I am, I giggled at that. (Pull wool? Bwahahahaha! No? Okay, fine.) But still, panic.
So I did what the damn internet said to do. I soaked it in cool water with some hair conditioner. And then I soaked it some more. And then I began pulling wool (Bwahahaha. Oh. Sorry).
The motherfucker still looks snug. I don't have an ounce of bravery to sneak into my laundry room right now and see if it fits me.
Any suggestions? Will it start to stretch again as I wear it, like my stupid jeans? Please say yes. PLEASE.
And if that being tight isn't bad enough, I might as well talk about how tight my clothes are. Or rather, how they feel the same, despite working out 4 days a week for the last 3 weeks. Should I mention that I lost half a damn pound last week? Do you have any flippin' idea how damn hard it is to avoid sweets? Pastries? Chocolate cake? Yummy ice cream?? I avoid all.of.that. and all I lose is half a damn pound????  *shakes fist at sky*
And closely related, can I tell you that I made the best pork ribs in the slow cooker yesterday? Omg, I was drooling all day thinking about them, and then I walked in after class, and o.m.g. They smelled heavenly. And! Tasted just as good!
I was a good girl and ate a small portion, although what I really wanted to do was eat the entire amount of leftover heaven-sent ribs, and lick the inside of the slow cooker. I didn't; I swear.
However, back to the whole losing weight/getting in shape/eating healthy bullshit:
I am in a calorie deficit every damn day. I am eating about 1200 calories a day. And I am hungry. I wake up with my mouth watering and my stomach threatening to eat my liver. I go to bed hungry. It is a damn battle not to walk into my kitchen and stuff every sweet thing in my mouth right now. How the hell do I get past this? Why am I more hungry, even though I'm eating high-protein stuff that I like? Also? Could I miss pasta a little bit more?
And since I'm still on the subject of food, can I tell you how much I love my Biggest Loser & Hungry Girl cookbooks? I made a yummy enchilada soup from Hungry Girl earlier this week, (and I plan on making the wanton soup this weekend that she features at that same link), and I'm going to make orange chicken (healthy! I swear!) in the slow cooker too. But! I could always use some recommendations on yummy slow cooker meals. Anyone wanna share?
Now off to the kitchen to eat something halfway healthy.

(And before I forget! Thank you to all of you who sent me messages of support & utter kindness in reference to my Violence Unsilenced post. I appreciate it. As I said to several of you, it is so damn long ago that I don't even get angry about it anymore, other than to mourn the fact that I wasted about a year of my life. Also? Thank you for your support and encouragement in reference to my For the Taking series. I'm almost done with it. It's been hard, thinking about someone who is GONE, and realizing how quickly anyone's path can change, for better or worse. But it's been good to get it out, out of my head. Thanks everyone.)


Dee said...

Pull wool? hehe loved that line! Hope all that you've done to the sweater works!

Anonymous said...

Good luck with your sweater. I never knew that you could "pull wool". I was always under the belief that when it was shrunk it was shrunk for good.

TUWABVB said...

See, this is where being lazy (like myself) would have paid off since you never would have washed something yourself - you would have dropped it off at the dry cleaner.

I have a Cooking Light Slow Cooker recipe book that I love.


Unknown said...

Found your blog today. Loved it. I'm sure I will visit again. Your words are beautiful.

linlah said...

Cardio, cardio, cardio. With a balanced diet and cardio I was amazed at the results. I curse the cardio but love the results.

Sarah said...

That sucks about your sweater. One time my Hubs tried to be helpful and do a load of wash for me. He shrunk my fave sweater in te process. I cried. And freed him of ever trying to help with laundry for the rest of his life. Also? diets SUCK. And half a pound isn't worth it. EAT SOMETHING YUMMY. NOW.