Music Lover Monday on a rainy day

[She's my Kind of Rain by Tim McGraw]

[Raining on Sunday by Keith Urban]

I don't write a lot about my husband because he's much more private than I. He has his doubts about the beauty of friendship that grows out of blogging. While he seemingly respects my writing, he doesn't say much about it either way. I respect his opinion, and don't share too much about him. However.
These things come from my heart, my soul, and this is my blog. So. I will share safe things from my heart.

These two songs never fail to make me think of him. Tim McGraw's song came out not long after my girl was born, and there were some other things going on in our life together, besides a new baby and his growing business. The first time I heard the song, I grew still in my skin, and soaked up the words. It's sweet, kind, and endearing.
Keith Urban's song came out just prior to a busy time in our lives. I was always working, he was thinking of starting up his own company, and by the time his company was in full swing, that song was playing on the radio several times a day. I remember us both constantly going, striving for good things, and I felt very much like we were missing out on something desperately important: us.
If you happen to be reading this, love, these songs speak to me, and I hope they speak to you.

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Aw. Very sweet. I'm glad he supports you in being you!