That day

This in-between is killing me
Strangling my love,
                          my hope,
                          my light.
I am fighting the weakness,
          the weed of giving up,
Of stopping this unwanted fight.
The shit is old,
The silence: sick
Lying in the glow of the alarm clock
My throat is thick...
These words are filling up my mind,
Leaking down my arms into these hands
that defy me by wanting to still touch you.
I hear my heart in my dreams
It screams
    and rages
    and prays....
Hope is fading
As dawn breaks.


linlah said...

Leaking down my arms and into these hands, that's painfully true and perfectly painted.


Beautiful. Those words seem to come from a deep ache.

Sending you love....

Holly said...

I love you sweetie....whatever you need, I'm here.