Ten for Today

Today, I am full of emotions with no words to mirror them.
Today, I know I cannot write what is stamped on the inside of my heart.
Today, I know I forgive, but cannot forget.
Today, I love just as I did ten years ago:
           painfully, with fragile abandon, overflowing with hope and lust,
           overcome by fear and concern and uncertainty.
But today, I must not bear these things,
     For today, we have been married ten years.
Today, we are far from what we were...but nothing like I thought we would be.
I am me, but different.
You are you, but different.
We are both broken and lost, unchained and unlinked, walking away as we stand frozen in this position of inability...

Regret, anger, placing blame-
None of these weigh heavier or lighter than
the bulk of our unlived dreams
dying silently, 
cupped in the palm of your hands.

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TUWABVB said...

I'm so sorry I missed this on the day it posted honey - I know that day must have been painful. Love you and miss you.