unfinished and untitled

Time moves like an old man who has no one to go home to,
so strolls through the grocery store:
touching jars of jelly,
tapping on melons,
studying labels on soup cans,
straining to remember the last ingredient in his wife's split pea soup
that made it perfect....
and failing.

feel the same to me lately.

I am fixed and frozen

in a swirl of change-


and damaged along the way-

I am no good at this.


Anonymous said...

aww :( well you are good at poetry !! smiles today, don't look back not even to wave, 2 living!!!

Singer said...

Beautiful writing.

linlah said...

Yesterday there was just such a man in the market today, I smiled, he smiled back, I hope it helped.

Here's a smile for you too.

kris said...

This is just beyond lovely.

Painful and fragile and lovely.


Left of Lost said...

@Poetic Inspiration-Yes, I am certainly trying to smile today, in spite of the shit running through my veins.
@Singer-Thank you. :)
@linlah-Yes, I am certain that your smile helped him.
@Kris-A wonderful compliment from a stunning writer. Thank you.