exposed desire

The last of your kind-
A gentle soul with a wild streak.
I lie in the crook of your arm,
my fingertips playing morse code on the edge of your naked hip,
lips brushing your chest for the sake of the taste.
Your words muffled in my hair,
Your breath on my temple.
I try to burn the feeling of our legs intertwined,
into my heart, and
Your warm palm carefully cupping my bare ass.

You will skillfully make my skin weep,
and then you'll be gone...
I will be left, 
too soon, 
with a single memory:
the ghost of your tongue 
           trailing along my spine
      around the curve of my neck
ending in a sea of desire-
your lips crashing into mine:
salt water waves eroding rough rock,
               leaving behind smooth sand.


Anonymous said...

NICEEEEE write! I love the word play!

Janie Woods said...

Wow...I do LOVE it! But, I think the rendition of "My boyfriend drives a silver truck, it's a place we like to fu..." is sooo much more classy..LOL

linlah said...

Always a pleasure to read your poems.

Singer said...

wow, that is some good writing! loved it.

Nigel said...


I love you.


Renee said...

Ohhh! Shivers and....stuff!

Anonymous said...


and, oh...


Unknown said...

Wrote this about us.

Unknown said...

Who would have thought you wrote this about us, with me, our actions in mind. All this before love developed, before connections connected. Hmmmm