DoT #2-Something I love about myself

There are actually many things I love about myself, although several of them are also double-edged swords: they are great but they also suck. You'll see what I mean.

-I am empathetic...sometimes to a fault.
-I am giving...sometimes to a fault.
-I am determined.
-I am imperfect. I freely admit this. I am proud of my imperfection.
-I have big dreams for myself and my family.
-I am liberal.
-I love my family so much, and will fuck you up if you hurt any of them.
-I am laidback, and enjoy simple things, like spending a solid hour on the couch with someone I care about, or reading a good book.
-I love to try new things.
-I have high expectations for myself, and even for others, but I give others the benefit of the doubt. Meaning, I don't expect people to be at the top of their game all the time. I don't expect perfection. I don't hold people's mistakes or faults or weaknesses against them.
-I am intelligent and I love to learn.
-I am sensitive. I am emotional. I am outspoken about these things. I am honest about my feelings. I wear my heart on my sleeve.
-I love to laugh.
-I have a wonderful sense of humor, and I use it to my advantage when I can. I use it when others are in pain or uncomfortable situations. I use it to smooth things over in crappy situations at work.
-I am unselfish and forgiving and helpful and hopeful and sincere.
-I have hope for others. I have hope for this fantastic human race. That it's not all bullshit, that we aren't all selfish and evil, that there are others out there like me, who give a shit, and will do what is right for the future of our children.
-I love with my whole being, even when it hurts me. Even when I don't want to. Even when I see that it isn't healthy or right or good for me, I love.

I want to teach my daughter that these are good qualities to possess, to aspire to. Redeeming, sincere, wonderful, admirable. That none of these qualities are anything to be ashamed of. That she doesn't need to feel guilty or apologetic or less than.

To teach her this, I have to believe it.
I am working on this. I am working on me.
I am worth it.
And she is definitely worth it.


linlah said...

If you live it she will learn it.

Nigel said...

You are just all delightful and fabulous.

Put that in your pipe and smoke it.

Anonymous said...

Life is a work in progress. It's never easy and there are always roadblocks...but ya face them head on and move past them and finally you find yourself with a better outlook than you ever had! Keep smilin' DL...you're doing great! :-)