Music Lover Monday-on Tuesday-Home Video Version

Yes, it's Tuesday. Day late, dollar short. Not the first time.

So, let me just explain this to you. I recorded my sister singing this song awhile ago, but for some reason my crackberry didn't want to let me send it to myself. Then I recorded this one, but it's not as fanfuckintastic as the first one. First off, I'm at a bad angle. More importantly though, is the fact that my kid has an epic meltdown-" goooooooooo pottttyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy, graaaaaaaaandmaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa don't leeeeeeeeeave meeeeeeee"-right in the middle. Love that my sister and I both sorta meltdown with her.
Anyway, welcome to my world.
(And yes, I am soooo available to use my professional videotaping skills for all of your party/recording needs.)
Enjoy. :)

1 comment:

linlah said...

I think the melt down sounds like an under paid back up singer.

When are they going on tour.