Hi, my name is Danielle-remember me?

Geez, I have been so tired this week! I haven't wanted to blog, read, watch TV, or shower. Yes, I know that last one is a bit gross, and my brother reminds me every time I talk to him that it is so very unsanitary to bathe only twice a week. But really, who has the time? Oh, between the dishes, the laundry, cooking dinner, not washing the pan that I fried shrimp in for 2 weeks, the laundry getting wrinkly in the dryer.....who has the time to shower?? My bro swears he can smell me all the way from San Marcos. Ha, whatever, it's probably your own bathroom-I've seen your roommates, bro!
This is how sad I am: I took the sheets off the bed, but didn't put any back on. A week ago. Yeah, bed bugs, pillow mites, dust bunnies...I got 'em all.
(Oh gross, I just got the goosebumps typing that. Ugh, ugh, ugh!)

My Tivo is working overtime, recording 74 episodes of Snapped, holding onto some snazzy independent films from November, and in the middle of the night, I hear it screaming 'FOR CRIPES SAKE, JUST WATCH ONE EPISODE OF SOMETHING!!!' But I am just too sleepy.

I have no real excuse for this lack of energy. My job is in the negative as far as the stress goes. My hours are good. My daughter drains me with her 2-year-old-ness, but it hasn't been worse this week. My hubby is sweet & funny & 'there' lately.

So why the sleepiness?

In all honesty, it's because I bumped my medication dosage back up Monday night. Thank God. Not a moment too late. But the downfall is this sleepy-please-just-let-me-sleep-5-more-minutes

I guess I could lie and say that I am saving up my energy for all the 'partying' I am going to do next Thursday and Friday to celebrate my frickin' 30th birthday.

Yeah, that's it.

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