I've tried to post something both witty and sentimental a couple of times tonight, but I just don't got it tonight! So, in light of my lack of writing talent this evening, I leave you with this video. Please enjoy, and feel free to comment back and tell me what a shitty writer I am.



Chris Spencer said...

I believe i've gone on record stating that you are, in fact, a fantastic writer. So i'll hear nothing to the contrary.

Unknown said...

Oh my dear friend...how I love your colorful use of language. You should really come live out in Cali like the sailor you are!
Your roomba blog made me laugh out loud! I can totally see you doing that!! I was just going through my email and came upon your blog. I need to check it more often--it reminds me how much I love you! Hugs and Kisses to you all!