And they're off!...

This past Saturday, I went to the horse races. It was the first time I had been to the racetrack here in the Metroplex and I was extremely excited. Oh, and it also happened to be $1 day. $1 admission, $1 parking, $1 programs, $1 hotdogs, $1 sodas, and BEST OF ALL: $1 BEER. I'll give you a few seconds to re-read that and catch your breath.

Hi. You're back already?

So, anyway-$1 beer is what drew my husband, and I have to say, it was the first non-child event I've gone to in awhile, so the beer was a big draw for me too. I planned on going Kentucky Derby style (a la Big Floppy Hat), but I ran out of time. So, instead, I pulled on a pretty orange sundress that showed off my best assets , (and no, those aren't actually my assets, but close-I try not to show them off too often, but the fact that they are big isn't such an easy thing to hide!!!), slipped on some flip flops, and off I went! And it was A BLAST! I had such a great time!
And I was sooooo not into big bets, but I came out a winner! I won $28.60! Woohoo! Don't spend it all in one place!!
(But I did-I spent it, along with gift cards, at one of my favorite-est stores, buying clothes for my vacation).
Oh, and while I'm chatting about the store, let me show you what I got: this (and YES, for cripe's sake, I bought a damn tank top to go under it, so my f-ing assets aren't falling out on the table)
and these and these and this!
And yes, I totally realize that I am not a teenager anymore, and nor am I a 'junior' and that I am 30 f-ing years old, but I love this store. And it's cheap. And the shoes are cute, cute, cute!!!

I totally want to go to the Kentucky Derby someday. Before I'm old and gray and decrepit (although my hubby, after a few dozen $1 beers, so lovingly pointed out that he thinks he saw a gray hair on my fuzzy head. WTF? Hello, drink another one. Sheesh, I should have made time to buy the hat, so the fuzzy gray hair wasn't blowing in the breeze. )

(ps. I do not have gray hair. end of story.)

And prior to going to the races, I went to another kind of race Saturday morning. I have been doing this walk for about 7 years, and my friend Kristy and I try to make it to both the Fort Worth and the Dallas ones. The turn-out for this one was HUGE! Usually it is the Dallas race that is a bit overwhelming (what, with it's 400,000,000 women in pink), but I think Fort Worth is catching up! So we walked the 5K at a brisk pace, up and down hills, in beautiful weather, and my ass and calves are still sore! So does that mean I get to skip a work-out tonight???

Hell no.

Because I have 20 lbs. to lose.

And I'll just leave that nasty little subject for another blog. Don't even get me started.......


Chris Spencer said...

I was out having lunch with Tim on saturday and we bumped into your husband. Small world huh?

I told Tim we all ought to get together for dinner one night, since it's been so long since we've all seen each other.....his schedule is crazy so I don't know if he'll have time, but hopefully we can.

Kristie said...

What pretty dresses! And the shoes are so cute, too.

Good for you for doing the walk. For years I've been meaning to do this and never have. Shame on me.