What's in my make-up bag, and why the hell do I still look like hell??

So, I stole this meme from this snazzy lady, and I love stuff like this, because I just mentioned recently how much I love beauty stuff. Actually, I was reading In style from like November at the doctor's office the other day, and I was writing down all these snazzy things they were suggesting. i love beauty stuff. That being said, let's get this over with.

Okay, a rundown here:
-Mac concealer, that I use as a base for my eye makeup
-Mac eyeshadows in various 'blah' colors
-ID Bare Minerals-All over face color and Bronzer
-Flirt! eyeshadows-one in an awesome green and another in a great purple
-eyelash curler that is so damn old-I really need to buy a new one
-Fake eyelashes that I have worn twice, but really like!
-Rimmel eyeliner (no point in spending $20+ on eyeliner, in my opinion)-in black and brown
-Rimmel lipliner in some odd color-Don't even know where it came from! but it does the job
-CG mascara
-Mac mascara (hate this crap! the brush sucks)
-Lots of eyeshadow and blush brushes
-Dove eye cream


I love this! It is Two Faced Brow Envy, if you can't read my blurry picture. It has 4 different brow shaped stencils to shape your eyebrows, two brow powders, tweezers, wax, a brow brush, and a defining pencil. It is great! I have always had problems with bushy eyebrows, and even more problems with keeping them under control, and this kit totally helps.

I have not always been such a Sephora whore, but apparently I am lately! I love the lip liner and lipstick because it stays on. I use the Sephora Professional lipgloss at night, and it works awesome. I just bought Mocha lip shine (because I'm addicted to lip gloss), and it's decent. The Rose Salve is WONDERFUL!

-Sephora make up remover-It works good, but dries out my already bone-dry eyes.

-Garnier daily serum and Ultra-lift eye serum

-Quick Thinking make up remover pads. Love them!

-Botanics facial mask

-ROC microderm pads. I just bought these, so I don't know if they are really working or not. I do like how clean my face feels after using them, but I don't see a difference in my crappy skin texture and tone yet.

Well, that's about it. Like I said, I'm always craving new beauty stuff, so if anyone has any great finds, let me know!


Kristie said...

I just LOVE seeing everyone's makeup stuff. I must post pictures of mine, too! Although I have entirely too much crap.

Raven said...


I'm snazzy :)

I think I might need that brow kit thingo, I do mine freehand and with tweezers!