Briefly-An explanation

Okay, I think one of my 4 loyal readers (I'm up to 4! Holy Hell!! I'm calling my mom about this one!) wanted to know why I leave comments on blogs with the name Danielle-Lee.
Here's the deal-
My middle name is Lee. And when I was little, my mother, as most mothers do, would call me by my first and middle name when she was getting serious. When she was getting really serious, she would throw my last name out there, and it all ran together: DanielleLeeGiattini

Well, I am a smart, educated woman, but I seriously did not realize until like 6 or 7 years ago, that she was calling me by my first and middle name. I had always thought she was saying 'Danielley' (you know, like clam-y, or dumb-y, or sweet-y). Jeez, I'm a swift one, huh?

So there's one random explanation.

Here's another:

This! is why I will never do pilates in a gym:


Misty said...


Please tell me you don't know the person in your video.....

And, I love your name just the way it is.... first and middle stuck together.

Heather said...

That's cute! My dad still to this day calls me by my middle name, and is the only one who does. I never thought about how odd that is until just now.

KG said...

Make that 5 readers! Heh - I saw you stopped by my blog so I'm stopping by here, too! :-)