Getting soaked after meeting HER

I'm a couple of days behind on posting this, but I have good reason-A toddler with an ear infection (AGAIN), who likes to attempt to sleep on my freakin head.

So, Wednesday night, the beautiful Jen Lancaster was at a Barnes & Noble nowhere near me. And I had plans to go with my great friend Jill. But about 45 minutes before we were to leave, something came up, and she wasn't able to go. I was so disappointed, not just for me, but for her too, because she loves reading Jen's blog, so I figured she would love to meet her.

I called my wonderful friend Kristy, who loves to escape from her 3 boys, and asked her if she would like to go. Way to wait until the last minute right? And I promise she isn't my 2nd fiddle, or my go-to person, or whatever. She just hasn't read any of Jen's books or her blog, so I didn't invite her in the first place, figuring she wouldn't be interested. Okay, I'm done explaining myself here. Kristy said yes, and somehow, we arrived in the packed parking lot of the bookstore with 8 or so minutes to spare (which I proceeded to waste by trying to park my dumb-ass car into the available 'compact car' spaces, which apparently, only Smart Cars and VW Bugs fit into).

Well, it was great! Jen is funny and charming and just gorgeous!

And I had to post this picture (below), because she totally looks like an Italian woman saying "MANGA, MANGA!" ('eat' in Italian):

So, since we were a bit late actually getting in the store, we were like the last damn people to get little tickets to have our books signed. Which, at the time, I didn't think was a big deal. We enjoyed the Q and A, and wandered around the store. We ordered Starbucks (MMMMM!). Then we figured we would kill time in the kids section, where we tried to get our asses into the little kids' green chairs (we could get IN, but getting out was a bit of an issue). I read the silly books about 'getting your period' and 'talking to your parents about sex', and drooled all over this book because it has such cute little pictures, and the sentiment gives me the goosebumps.

At about 9:45, we realize that the group is dwindling, and our numbers still haven't been called. Luckily, we went back to the group at the perfect time, and sat in the perfect spot, because they called 'all remaining numbers' and we jumped up to get in line. Where we met the beautiful Jen Lancaster. She even signed a book for my friend Jill, who couldn't make it. And now Kristy has a new book to read!

And then it started pouring as we were driving back to Kristy's house. I mean, POURING. I decided to check the weather when we got to her house, and got absolutely soaked. It was great, really. Then I got back out in it to drive home, because the weatherman just didn't seem to have anything to say about when this huge storm was going to pass. I got soaked some more.
But it was so worth it!


DeeDee said...

You know, I've noticed her blog popping up all over the place but I've never read it. You've now convinced me that I should bookmark it and become one of her sheeple!!

Glad you got to meet her and have fun.

MP said...

OK...I have never read that blog before and never heard of her..yet she has books that would be right up my alley! How did I miss her? Great, thanks..another blog to read AND another author..

Misty said...

How FUN. Some times rain does a body good. I miss the rain....

Anonymous said...

OK..so I went to the book store and found the book and almost bought it but I got something else instead. Do you need to read them in order?