Peeping Tom

Do you see anything wrong with this picture??:

Alright, I'll give you the close-up:

I guess this Daddy Long Legs wasn't around during the Night of the Cricket , or maybe he just came to check the place out, see if the horror stories he heard were true. Or maybe he just likes watching women shower. Or maybe he likes scaring the shit out of women while they are showering. I don't know.
I'm assuming he liked what he saw, called all of his friends, and bragged. Or something.

(That is one of his nasty friends, trying to make his way in my bathroom through the window)
So, now that I know how these damn bugs are getting in my bathroom to torture me, I will be sure and get that shit fixed PRONTO.
I'll leave you with something a little prettier, and far less creepy:

(Those are just a couple of the blossoms on my beautious Magnolia tree).


Grammy Staffy said...

I love the flowers but you can keep the spiders....We have enough of our own in CA. At least your aren't black widows ..... unfortunately, I find way too many of those in my patio...YUCK!

Anonymous said...

grammy staffy: When I lived at my last house, I was overrun with black widows. It was awful. Every where I turned, they were everywhere! I had several close calls too. Ugh. I'll take the daddy long legs over the black widows ANY DAY!

Misty said...

I HATE spiders....

Anonymous said...

I moved silly..now you have to come to the wordpress blog!!

Chris Spencer said...

First, now that I know this, I'm never coming to your house. Second, a story about spiders wasn't enough? You had to include pictures?