Let the countdown begin

Actually, I've been counting down to this vacation for like a month, but whatever.

Okay, some administrative stuff here. I promise not to bore you toooooo much:

Up first: I'll be gone for a week. (I'll be here, if you want to drool). So, since I know all FIVE of you (yipeeee! FIVE FIVE FIVE) would be very disappointed not to have some mindless BS from me for SEVEN WHOLE DAYS, I figured I would go ahead and post some stories I have been sitting on for awhile. Woohoo! However, I have a great friend who may or may not post something in my absence. She's a bit gun-shy, so don't give her hell if she does post (COME ON, Jill-you can DO itttttttt!) (double points for whomever can guess what movie that line is from!).

Next: I have been turning some things over in my head the past few nights, and I know we all love free stuff, and winning stuff, so....I am totally going to do a contest! Not sure if I will do it while I'm gone, or when I get back. Who knows?? What a way to get some readers, huh? Suck them in with free stuff!!!
Guess that's a good teaser to get you to read my shit the next 7 days, huh? (Heehee! My momma taught me right!!! string 'em along!)
What will the prize be?, you ask? Well, that's for me to know, and you to find out (okay, I sound like a 6th grader now). My husband suggested 2 labs, complete with drooling and growling. Then he suggested 'a trinket' from Mexico. Gah.

Next next: I am thinking of doing some more tweaking to my banner. Is it legible to everyone? I was afraid the background was too busy. But I like the background. Let me know!

Alright, I think that's it! Have a wonderful Memorial weekend! While you are at work next week, picking your nose, reading blogs (mine included, right?), I'll be toasting my ghetto booty on the beaches of Mexico, drinking, building sandcastles, drinking, horseback riding on the beach, drinking, reading lots of books, drinking, eating, drinking, watching sunsets over the water, drinking, and my all-time favorite thing to do at the beach: lie right where the water rushes onto the sand, letting the water roll over my body, through my hair......

and drinking.

See a common theme here???

As my hubby would say: 'Peace out!'

(Yes, he is a dork. No, he doesn't believe me when I tell him this. Yes, he even puts his fingers up in the little peace sign. No, I did not marry him for this reason.)


Danielle said...

Have fun!!!

I know you are totally going on vacation, but I tagged you over at my blog.

Maybe your guest blogger could do it for you, and put your answers in...


Misty said...

Have a BLAST drinking.

And. I love the new back ground. Not to busy for me.

And the peace out.... so 10 years ago... maybe even 20. (wink)

Rock on Dude(ette).

xo Misty