Bringin' Sexy Back

Pfft. Like that's really me. (Oh, speaking of Sexy, did anyone else see Justin on Jay Leno last night??? Oh.my.holy.hell. Yum.....) I have not felt sexy since, well.....jeez, it's been awhile. Could it be the water butt? The bloating, nausea, sitting on the pot all the time, 20 extra pounds I'm carting around, with cellulite on my arms and how about how my inner thighs rub together way up there at the tippy-top under my who-ha???? How about THAT????

But I did feel close to sexy after I got my hair cut on Friday. 11 inches cut off & donated to Locks of Love. Wooohoooo!

I have been growing this out since April of 2005. It was above my shoulders at that time. I still can't believe how long my hair was!!!


I'm so confused about the lack of hair in the ponytail. It is actually 11 inches from tip to tip, when you straighten it out, but it has got to be some of the thinnest stuff ever. I straightened my hair the day I went, so she could measure it, but still! If you knew me as a kid, my hair was thick and full. Now?? Not so much.

Sorry that isn't such a clear picture, and my hair looks like I slept on it, because I did. But you get the drift.
I love it! I spend less time in the shower, less time drying and styling, and I don't feel like a mess or a slob. And it's so light! My only complaint is that a few people have told me that the caramel highlights look like gray hair. And I will admit, I haven't seen myself with any blond or caramel highlights since 2003, and it's a bit of an adjustment, but jeez. GRAY HAIR??? Shut your fucking meatface, as she would say.

I'm actually thinking about going back and asking her to add more caramel. Or maybe I should say extra-light brown, so it doesn't come out bleach blonde? Hell, I don't know!

Moving right along. I mentioned the fact that I bought an amethyst ring while in Mexico. Again, not sure why the hell every freakin' picture I took was blurry, but I have to post them anyway. Because according to her, as stated right here, 'water butt is no excuse...more pictures, woman!!'

Ask and you shall receive, but I can't guarantee that I won't be on the toilet while giving you what you want (oh, wow. that sounded way bad).

Oh, holy hell, that picture sucks. I'll have to try to shoot that one again later.
It's not very um, conservative. I kept trying it on amongst all these other amethyst rings, and although I found a few more that were more conservative and condensed, shall we say, I kept going back to this one. I lurve it (btw, why do people say that?)
Alright, I can't make it any longer. I'm sleepy. I'm worn out. And all I've done is fight Quickbooks today. Nothing big. But I have no energy. What the frick is wrong with me??? And my mouth is as dry as the Sahara. And my stomach is all 'hey asshole-get ready for this one'.
Oh, and for those of you who might very well comment about this: I took a pregnancy test, JUST IN CASE, and it was negative. And yes, I know you can get a false negative, and yes, I know I should call my doctor, but do I need to explain the lack of health insurance issue again? Or the busy beating the shit out of Quickbooks issue? Or the bold-as-day plain fact that I am scared of what the doctor will tell me?
Ah ha. A post for another day.


Heather said...

Well the thing with not having health insurance is that the doctor will realize you think this is serious enough to warrant going to see him. And maybe it is? I went for years without health insurance, and now that I have it, I still don't go because I don't want to face the music of needing gallbladder surgery. I am also really bad about googling my symptoms to see if I can diagnose myself before I waste a copay. Ooops.

I LURVE the hair!! You look so young and pretty, and I don't think it looks gray at all. My friend's 14 yr old just got that same haircut, no highlights though, so it must be very in style.

Anonymous said...

Very cute cut!

La Petite Chic said...

Your hair looks absolutely gorgeous! I donated mine in February and was also surprised about how teeny my ponytail was. So strange!

Misty said...

I love your hair cut. You are a picture of hotness.

and booh on the negative test.... had many, many, many of those....

Here's hoping...

Danielle said...

Love love love the hair! That cut is so great on you!!

Way to go!

I donated to Lock of Love once and looked like an electrocuted Q-tip. It was horrendous!!

WebMD is great. I'm sure you've been there already.

A thought: If you are scared about what a Dr. will say, get insurance first. Or at least look into it - I've heard that if you have a pre-existing condition, it may harder to get insurance later. I don't know the legitimacy of that, but ask around and look into it before going in with an issue that may end up labeled as "pre-existing", and then getting screwed later....

Scary Mommy said...

Love the new cut! I've always wanted to donate to Locks, but just can't grow my hair long enough. I have zero patience, and am a much better person in theory than reality :P

Anonymous said...

Don't know what the going style is out on the west coast, but I think the short cut looks great! And it goes towards a great cause! I applaud your efforts! :-)

Anonymous said...

P.S. I went ahead and added you to my blogroll! Hopefully you don't mind!

Anonymous said...

Heather: My hubby owns his own company, so we are working on getting a group policy by the end of the summer. My worry is that if i go now, and it is something serious, i will then have a pre-existing condition, and that will just f- up the coverage! Arg!
Thanks for the compliment! I wish I felt young!!!

Raven: Thanks!

La Petite Chic: I know!-it damn sure doesn't look like I cut off all my hair when you look at the ponytail!

Misty: I'm not TRYING to get pregnant right now! But if I was, I would be estatic, because I have the baby bug, that's for sure. It's just the whole frickin insurance issue!

Danielle: I used to like WebMD, but now it just stresses me. I put in my symptoms, and all this weird scary shit pops out! Ack!

Scary Mommy: Sometimes it's the thought that counts! Hell, it took me 3 damn years to grow that stuff out! And it was for selfish reasons-I wanted sexy hair! :)

Alntv: Of course I don't mind that you added me to your blogroll! I am a roll lover! :) (cinnamon rolls, blog rolls, you name it) I will be adding my blog roll this weekend. :)

Chris Spencer said...


When I finally work up the nerve to cut mine off, I want to donate it as well.

Unknown said...

Look how skinny minnie you are! I love this cut too. Long is fun and sexy, but also a pain in the arse. Short cuts are so fun!