Whole lotta nesting going on!

Alright, so I took a pregnancy test the other day, due to all this water-butt, gut bubble, peeing out my ass stuff. I'm so tired, and all blah, and the stomach is still being so odd, although I'm no longer officially strapped to my toilet bowl. So anyway, I took the test, and it was negative. I mentioned this already, didn't I? Oh, well, deal with it.
I don't know if it is Spring cleaning, or nesting, or my husband's OCD wearing off on me, but I AM ORGANIZING EVERYTHING IN MY HOUSE! Actually, I was pretty organized to begin with, with the exception of my daughter's closet, my guest room/storage room, and the filing system in my study. So, here's what I did in a matter of a couple of hours:

*Organized all my daughter's toys: got rid of all of the stupid kiddie meal toys she breaks in two seconds, put the toys she has outgrown in the guest room/storage room, put her books on her bookselves, going from tallest to shortest, bought cloth storage cubes in pale green & fuschia to match her room-for all her little toys; put all her dolly clothes in one drawer of her armoir, & all the naked dolls in the other; put all her coloring, tracing, & drawing books in her armoir with all her crayons in this adorable yellow daisy vase; put all her purses (jeez, the girl has more than me!) in her little nightstand cabinet.

*Went through my girl's clothes that don't fit anymore: Sorted them by size, and made piles for possible re-use if I have another girl, & sell/give away. Will be storing the keepers in the attic with the baby clothes, and doing whatever with the rest.

*Organized the clothes in the closet that do fit: by color!

*Went through my files in my study, and made a list of all the new little files I need to make for bills, expenses, grad school, etc. I even brought home my little label maker so they look all neat & pretty!

A few days ago, I organized our closet too. My hubby already had his stuff organized by COLOR (& stripes & solids!!!), so I did mine. And I donated a ton of clothes that didn't fit anymore, or were more than 3 or so years old.

Oh! And I FINALLY unpacked my final two boxes in the garage!!! Woohoo! (Keep in mind that I've been in my house since October).

My guest room is a disaster, but the plan is to sell the old furniture that is currently in there, organize the closet in there (I store wrapping paper supplies & presents in there), and hang the pictures that are just sitting on the floor. I'm hoping to get that room looking and feeling like an actual guest room by mid-July, since my cousin from Colorado is coming to visit, and also, I'm hoping Biddy will make it this way! I really don't want her to have to share my couch with my dog-Kooter is such a damn couch hog, and I'm thinking she doesn't really want to wake up to Daisy drooling on her head.

And through all this? My girl? She 'helped' and sat on the potty about 12,453 times, singing 'Take me out to the ballgame'. Don't know where THAT came from.


Anonymous said...

You still need to go to the doctor..

OMG that is way to organized for me to understand.

Take me out to the ballgame on the potty...LOL...LOL alot..OMG LOL

Misty said...

Some one has baby on the brain.

Anonymous said...

You may now start on my house. I have a garage that will give you nightmares. And daymares.

Anonymous said...

Yeah...somebody needs a hobby...

Anonymous said...

my2ndjrnl: I know, I know. & I haven't always been this organized. I don't know what the deal is!

misty: maybe, maybe not. :)

rum: I'd be happy to work on your house next!

alntv: oh hush it! i have plenty of hobbies: gardening, reading, writing...but it's not always easy to do this stuff with a toddler! And there's nothing wrong with getting organized. Right? RIGHT?