Walking the line

I know I said I'd post pics from my vacation, but hold on.

I've been growing my hair out for just over 3 years. Around this time 3 years ago, when I was pregnant with my girl, I decided I wanted to see just how long I could stand my hair getting long. I also had really high hopes of my hair looking like this or this (and just as a little sidenote-Is she not just gorgeous??? Make me sick!). So, for 3 years I've been getting it trimmed every couple of months, and I had some layers cut in, and then......I got the bug.

The fricking 'oooooooooo! I want my hair like THAT!' bug.

I've had my hair so many different lengths. Growing up, I always had it long, and it was a curly fuzzy mess. I tried ironing it on my ironing board, I tried Frizz Ease, I tried blowdrying it straight (can you say Cousin It???). I always wanted it to be straight. Yet, God blessed me with a curly, fuzzy mess. After high school, I decided, what the hell?, and I cut it to my shoulders. Then in college I cut it above my shoulders. Then, after I got married, I chopped it to my ears. I actually had it WAY short once, but I felt uncomfortable with it, so thankful it grew out fast.

All this leads me to say:

I always want what I don't have.


I've looked at her pics before, and I drool. (she's also smokin' hot, so I'm sure that has something to do with it). I'm also sick of just pulling my hair up b/c it has a mind of it's own, and won't look all sexy and luxurious like I've always hoped. And shit, it's getting warm out, so what the hell?
I've been on the fence about doing it for several weeks now. I go back and forth, back and forth. Well, no more walking that damn line.
So. I made an appt. today. I'm chopping it on Friday. And actually, I think I have 10 inches to donate! I'm so excited about that!!!

Here's what I'm going for. What do you think??

Gah, too bad the body doesn't come with the hair. Jeez.
Oh, and did I mention I'm gonna throw some caramel colored highlights in there, like the middle picture. What the hell?, right?
And speaking of 'Walking the line':
I finally saw that movie while in Mexico. Yes, I know, I was in f-ing Mexico, on the shore, what the frick was I doing watching the movie channel??? Hell, I don't know. But that movie was great! I love Johnny Cash's voice, and Mr. Phoenix did a great job. I'm sorta really liking him now. And wow-there's a lot about Johnny Cash I didn't know! If you have been living in a hole like I have, and haven't seen it, go rent it.
Okay, tomorrow I give you the pictures you want, I swear.


Heather said...

I loved Walk the Line! I heard it got dissed by one of his kids though.

I am not sure about the hair. Your hair sounds like mine, and I think you will probably have to use a flat iron to straighten your hair, and you think a blow dryer gives you the Cousin It look, wait til you use a flat iron!! The only thing I can get to control my hair is mousse. I put it in when it's wet and the curls at least behave themselves. And the length helps with that. But good luck with it, the highlights will look nice, and hopefully you'll have better luck than me. =D

Misty said...

Oh the troubles of liking our hair... hair cuts... styles.... you name it. It's rough.

Kristie said...

Dude, that's my hair cut. Haha! But I couldn't do the asymetrical thing very well so I trimmed it myself just last week. Make sure to post photos!!

Anonymous said...

My hair was like that..well the cut but I don't have enough body to make it stack all cute like that. Then I decided to let it grow for Arub in early April so I could wear a pony..and i haven't gotten it cut yet. I don't know what I'm gonna do.

Anonymous said...

Heather-All my curl is in my length, not really on the top of my head, so hopefully it won't be too bad. And I don't mind flat ironing. I'm sure in a couple of months I'll be bitching about my hair, and you can say 'told ya so!' :)

Misty-I know! I always want what I don't have! NO wonder men are so confused by us!

Kristie-I didn't realize that was your hair cut! I love your hair! And don't worry, I'll post pics!

My2ndJournal-You should totally cut it again! It always grows back, and I'm convinced a new haircut does wonders for self-esteem. :)

Anonymous said...

And seriously? Could I use !!!!!! anymore in my comments??? Jeez, it looks like I'm all excited by everything I type.

Anonymous said...

Screw the hair, I want her husband.

My frizz-izzle is currently squashed into a bun. I feel your pain. I always dream of living in Florida, or Mexico (because who wouldn't living in snow 10 months out of the f-ing year) but the hair...the poof....the scared people. Not good.Can't wait to see pics.

DeeDee said...

Sounds like we seriously were "blessed" with the same head of hair. I've tried just about everything I know to do something with mine but it's all been for naught. Thank goodness for rubberfuckingbands! I've got naturally curly hair that resembles a dead wombat on most days.

Can't wait to see pictures though. Make sure you do a before and after shot.

Loved Walk The Line. Love Cash.

Hope the belly is feeling better. I suffered a similar bout about five years ago when we lived in DC. Still to this day don't know what brought it on. I swear it felt like a waterfall exploding out my ass plus I was puking into a trashcan while on the shitter. Big fun. Nothing helped me. It just had to run its course.

Worse part though, unfortunately I gave it to the husband and his was OF COURSE 10x worse than mine because he always has to one up me and I seriously considered just shooting his ass and putting him out of his misery! He swore I had NO IDEA what he was going through. Why are they such pussies when it comes to being sick??

PS. I LOVE Vanessa Marcil! She is gorgeous. I didn't watch her on her soap but fell in love with her on 90210!!

Done rambling now.

Anonymous said...

rum mom-yeah, i'd take her hubby too, but i'm not so sure i want someone who cheats on his wife, ya know?? my hair?-always in some sort of fuzzy bun.

deedee-yes, guys are such pansies when it comes to being sick. I try to baby mine a bit, in hopes that he will learn from my example, and be a bit caring the next time i'm sick. i'll tell you how it goes. :)
as far as peeing out my butt-none today!!! yipeeee! it might be over! jeez, it sucked! nothing like a waterfall coming out your ass to make your husband find you attractive! ha.

Jenn Martinson said...

I got my hair cut like that and you know what? It's maintenance. She's got a whole posse that styles it so it is no work for her. I say wait until you see her in a non-posed photo (like when she has to stop into WalMart to get tampons or something) and see how she handles that.

Biddy said...

i so want that hair cut! but my face is just WAY too fat to pull it off i think. i need to lose 100 lbs so i can cut all my hair off haha

how did it turn out?!?

oh, and srsly love me some johnny cash!