Boot camp & WiiFit

I mentioned that I had an odd week, and I did! In a nutshell, my cousin from Colorado (who is 24), came to visit, and he stayed with us. He's a cool guy, and we haven't really spent much time together as adults (or as kids, for that matter), so it was nice to get comfortable with him. However, my father and his wife were with us every day, and that??-Is another whole story. I am more than a little frazzled and frustrated after all that. I just can't even articulate it right now, so instead, I'll tell you all about the other new thing I started this week.

I signed up for a boot camp. It's 4 weeks long, an hour each, and I go three days a week. Actually, I've already figured out that the instructor is a bit all over the place, so I could probably go all 5 days a week, and she wouldn't notice.

Before boot camp started, I had to do the whole pre-evaluation-tell-me-how-fat-and-out-of-shape-I-am. And I knew it would suck. And it did.

So, since I am such a shy little wallflower, I figured I would go for full disclosure, and just let you know all of my stats. The way I see it, maybe one or some of you will get some motivation by my lack of embarrassment, or by my progress over the next 4 weeks. If not, well, then I will at least get some giggles out of you.

Weight- 1--

I don't care what the scale says. Or so I say. I understand that muscle weighs more, so this lovely number may not really go down. I can't really say full disclosure, I guess, because I'm not telling you the exact number. I'll just say that I weigh 19 lbs. more than I did this time last year, and also 19 lbs. more than I did before I got pregnant with my girl.

Total Body Water %- 46.9%

Apparently this is at the bottom of the normal range for healthy women. This should increase as my body fat % decreases.

Body Fat %- 42.48% (58.2 lbs of fat!!)

I can't even believe this one. But I guess I can. I have lost so much muscle tone since I had my girl, and I haven't been consistent enough with my exercising to actually build the muscle tone back up.

My metabolic age- 37
I'm only 30.

Timed mile- I ran 2 laps, and walked 2 laps- 13:32

1 minute worth of push-ups- 35

1 minute worth of sit-ups (not crunches)-33

Monday was my first night, and I loved it! I think I sweated more than I have in a really long time, and I felt my legs get all jello-y and fatigued, but it was great! There are about 16 of us, including my mother.

We only went 2 times this week, because the instructor was sick on Friday. So, I can't really say I feel any progress, other than the soreness of my arms and every single muscle in my stomach.

To add to this, I bought a WiiFit on Thursday! Last night we set it up, and giggled while we made our very own 'Mii'. The WiiFit told me my age is 45, and said my body fat % was at about 24%. Hmmmm. It also informed me that I have shitty balance, which I already knew.

I'm going to go for doing the WiiFit on the days I don't have boot camp. I am really hoping to shave the body fat % down. But what I really want is to feel strong again, capable of anything, and confident. Here's hoping....


Kristie said...

I'm so jealous that you got a Wii!! Where or where did you get it?

Congrats on the boot camp, keep it up girl!

Heidi said...

That's my goal too now that the baby is out- to feel capable of anything! Good luck with your boot camp!

Jason, as himself said...

I've been hearing about this boot camp thing a lot lately. It sounds dreadful. But...whatever it takes, right? I wish you luck.

Anonymous said...

Here ya go! A little "pep talk" from me!


Chris Spencer said...

Wait. So now there are video games that tell us we don't get enough exercise? That's great. I am SO going on the fruit loops diet when it comes out.

Scary Mommy said...

Wow! I could never handle that- I'd crumble for sure. Go you!!!!

Misty said...



Anonymous said...

Wow, you are brave.
When I had my surgery last month I told them to hide the numbers from me. And they did! Bless their little hearts.

Anonymous said...

The Wii Fit using BMI only to give you your Body Fat numbers. BMI can be inaccurate because there are a lot of variables that play in that it doesn't take into account.

But it's so much fun, isn't it?