Anyone out there? It's been an odd week for me, and I feel all lost and stuff, since I haven't posted anything, or read anyone else's stuff! I'm hoping most of you awesome people are at BlogHer, and then I won't feel so bad about not scheduling some posts for while I have been 'away'. I'm also hoping that some of you new readers will come back....I promise I'm not a bore! Please?
So, the very first thing I read tonight was the wonderful news from Moo. I am so excited for her!!
Then I caught up on my good friend's blog. Which, by the way....

I am so very happy to tell you that my lovely friend Jill has finally created her very own little blog! I can take absolutely no credit at all....I think I may have tried nudging her along a few times, but it was her, and her alone, who spent 1454 hours thinking of a name, setting up the blog, and creating her very first post. She is a great writer, and you must go check her out. Please leave her some comments, show her some love and encouragement, and enjoy!

Her blog: Babies & Bundt Cakes

Go. Now. I'll wait.

Lastly, I got caught up on the wonderful life of Holly. I love reading her blog, because I can totally relate, and sometimes I feel like she is reading my mind! It's wonderful!

Well, I'm tired, brain dead, my nerves are shot, my lips are chapped, my head is killing me, and I can't lift my arms any further than about a 45 degree angle. I promise I will explain....

But for now, I must find a comfy place to lay my fuzzy head. I have a TON of reading to catch up on!


Misty said...

I was so behind that I had to delete my google reader. Starting fresh. Phew!

Heather said...

Nah, I've been hanging out at home, not going to BlogHer cuz I don't roll like that (read anti-social, cheap and a crappy blogger). Thought maybe that was what you were getting up to, busy with plans to go there.

Anonymous said...

Missed ya! While you were....ummm, wombat hunting? Lining up for Batman tickets? Please Lord tell me you were searching for an industrial insect killing contraption!

Where the crap were you?

Anonymous said...

Hey! Just wanted to say I! Some of us cool people didn't go to BlogHer. ;-)

I have had a TON of catching up on my blog reading and have been a bad, bad commenter.

So sorry! Here is some comment love for ya! Off to check out Babies and Bundt Cakes!

moo said...

whoo! New blogs to check out ... awesome!