My new favorite baseball player

Well, my cousin is in town from Colorado, so I'm wayyyyyy behind on my blog reading (DAMN YOU, google reader! Why must you mock me with your huge numbers!?!).
I am also behind on my posting. I'll catch up, I promise!

I was going to post a big snazzy picture of my new favorite baseball player, but apparently blogspot and I are not getting along this evening. Anyone else having this issue? Orrrr....is it just me?

Awhile back I made mention of a tiny disappointment, but I may very well have recovered from that this evening. Did anyone else watch the Home Run Derby? The Celebrity game? Just me?

Anyway, Josh Hamilton is my new favorite baseball player, AND he plays for the Rangers! Yipeee! Maybe the Rangers have a chance..? Maybe...? No?

Well, anyway, he is awesome. A.W.E.S.O.M.E.

That's all I got, until I can post pictures of him and then I'll blab a bit more about his awesomeness. Until then, I'll watch some more Intervention, drink some more wine, and get a bit more sun in the kiddie pool.


Anonymous said...

For the record, Josh Hamilton was with MY favorite team last season (the Reds) and he IS an awesome player! We traded him to the Rangers for a pretty damn good pitcher...but I still watch to see how he's doing. He's got an interesting story to tell. If you get the chance, look up his history. He's had a rocky life with drugs and is pulling his way back...in a big way!

Anonymous said...

He's cute.... I don't have a favorite player anymore..I like a bunch..but I used to have fav's..
Back when I was little it was Daryl Porter, Tommy Herr and Andy Van Slyke...google those from the 80's.

Kristie said...

Sports....so not my thing. I have no idea who you are even talking about. Eric would be so dissapointed in me. lol