Rants (and two little raves)

Today was a bad day. Well, not so much bad as absolutely frustrating to the very core of me. I'll get to what set me off, but let me just tell you all the things that made it worse once I was already annoyed-frustrated-batshit crazy.

--I saw not one, not two, but FOUR people throw their damn cigarette butts out their car windows. Smoking annoys the shit out of me to begin with. I hate when I go to a bar and I come home smelling like ass from all the people who chain-smoked their way through happy hour. But I deal with it from certain family members who smoke. I don't complain out loud, I'm not rude, I just deal.with.it. and then go home and wash all my clothes and take a shower.
Anyway, what really annoyed me about this is that it is extremely dry around here. We had a random rainshower yesterday (the first in almost a month), but I swear it evaporated before it hit the ground. We have watering restrictions, and a burn ban. Most lawns look like hay, especially in commercial areas, and definitely along the highways. And here are ignorant asshats throwing their damn cigarettes out their window! WTF? I mean, if you can handle that shit in your lungs, why the hell can't you put it out in your damn car and handle the smell of it until you can throw it in a trash can?? I just don't get people!

-- At work, I have been trying to collect money. I won't go into detail, but it is pretty hard to get some people to pay, and I understand some of it may be due to the economy. But! Just tell me you don't have the damn money to pay me for the work we did 4 months ago, don't LIE! Annoying! Don't make me feel like I'm the pain in the ass, calling you every few days, when I am hanging on the lie YOU told ME.

-- This story bothered me when I read it last night, and I've been thinking about it all day. Do I really want to write another post about the illegal immigration 'issue' in our country? No, not really. But this story really pissed me off because the damn defense attorney for one of the defendents is actually trying to say that the victim provoked the defendents by retaliating against their racial slurs. WTF?? Are you kidding me? Grrrrrrr.

-- Has anyone else been following the jacked up story about little Caylee Anthony in Florida? She was allegedly abducted about a month ago, and her mother decided to allegedly search on her own, without telling any of her family. And then, finally, Caylee's grandmother is a bit worried, finds her daughter's car abandoned, and calls the cops. All of a sudden, Caylee's mom surfaces, like nothing is wrong, and somehow, Caylee's mom convinces her own mother that Caylee is okay-"Oh, she's probably settling down for a nap by now." And then all of a sudden: "OMG! Caylee's been missing for a month! Help!"
WTF? The stuff the mother is saying doesn't make sense. The tapes of her talking to her brother and sister on the phone from jail are odd. She doesn't sound upset that her daughter is missing. She sounds annoyed that everyone is upset about the missing 2 year old. She does not sound remorseful, hysterical (as I would be), out-of-her-mind batshit crazy that her kid is missing. And then the grandmother goes on Larry King on Tuesday, and talks about how she thinks her daughter is innocent, but then she starts talking in circles too, and none of it really makes sense. Where the fuck is the little girl???? In my gut, I feel mom is involved. I feel she ditched her. Or killed her. Very sad.

I would say that these types of news stories don't normally get to me, but they do. Every day. I don't seek them out on CNN.com or on the evening news, but they are there, every day. And it saddens me. Some days, it really pisses me off, the awful things people do. Other days, it makes me so very sad. Sad enough to want to just curl in the fetal position and cry myself to sleep. Dramatic? No. Just that empathetic.

--Lastly, let's talk a bit about censorship. I have read several people's posts about being concerned that family members, the IT department, co-workers, or bosses will find their blog. I also read someone's blog about a month or so ago, talking about how she was going to shut down her blog because her husband may very well be going into politics, and she would hate for anything she wrote to be used against him.
When I read all these posts, I commented to each of them that they should JUST BE THEMSELVES AND LET EVERYONE ELSE DEAL WITH IT IF THEY DON'T LIKE IT.
But is that the best idea? Can you really write when you feel as though you've got someone looking over your shoulder, that you wouldn't necessarily want knowing all your thoughts? I understand that when you start a blog, you are really putting yourself out there, for the 'whole internet' to see, but I think maybe it's different when you realize that your father has been checking out your blog, or your grandmother. When it's an anonymous person, you aren't worried about censorship (or at least I'm not). I'm not worried that someone won't like what I have to say, because, if you don't like what I wrote, you don't HAVE to come back, right? But when it's a loved one reading your shit, their feelings may get hurt. They may be surprised by what you have to say. And that, is the issue.
I started blogging on Myspace. For myself. It was an outlet, and I knew that people would have access, but that didn't much bother me. It's not like I was blogging about my sex life. I eventually started my blog here, because I wanted to get away from Myspace, and also because I wanted to be part of this awesome community. I wanted to reach out to others, make new friends, gain insight into things, get support. And yes, it is still my outlet, for me. And I could just as easily keep a journal, but I would not have met all the lovely women (and some men too! sorry guys!) if I had not been brave enough to put my shit out there.

So, lovely blogging community, please tell me: Do you censor yourself if you find out someone is reading your blog? Or do you just go for it, and not worry about their feelings? Or, do you go for broke and shut the damn thing down?

And here is my two little teeny raves for the day:

-- I finally won a PiF contest!! Woohoo!!! I won Fiona Picklebottom's contest! Yipeee!!! I get books! I love books! My husband? Not so much. He's sick of seeing them pile up, since the bookcase I got 8 months ago is already bursting. But: Yay me!!

--I was given a cute little blog award by Holly. Look over there ---> to your right. Cute huh? She is such a sweetheart for thinking of me, and if she wasn't 14 bajillion miles away, I would march over to her house right now, beat down her door, give her a big hug, and pinch her cute nose! And share a few bottles of wine. Or rum. Or tequila. You get my drift.


Jason, as himself said...

Whoa. You have brought up a lot of big points in this post! I, too, get SOOO mad at people throwing their cigarette butts out the window. I wrote a whole rant of my own about it. Of course, this is preaching to the choir:


Also--the censorship thing. I agree with you, people should just post what they want without self censoring. But on the other hand, I always hesitate to post something that might make someone feel bad. I also know that my niece reads my blog, so I don't want to be TOO, uh, suggestive. Although I get tempted!

Good post!

Kristie said...

Oh censorship, how I hate thee. Since some of my famly does read my blog I do censor and edit, but for the most part I'm me and they can just deal with it.

But you already knew that. lol

Anonymous said...

Amen to your rants and cig butts! But what I really want to know is if you've finished the book "Year of Fog"? What did you think? I think I'll read it again. I think it was wonderful and different and I felt every bit of her pain.
Nice site.

Heather said...

Big post.

But to put a fine point on it, I don't censor myself, but I am semi-anon. My husband however, can't write a blog because he is afraid people at work who he is the boss of, would find out and he would lose authority over them if they read about his private life. Which is fine, more power to him. But I blog about whatever and don't tell everyone because then I can feel free to write what I want.

Biddy said...

erm...caylee's mom is what i refer to as bat crap crazy...

the whole censorship thing...well, you know how i feel about that. i used to censor, then i stopped censoring...then i found out my mom might be reading it and started censoring again. and then i was like "hold up! this is MY blog. if you don't like what i have to say, stop fucking reading it!"

and the blue shoes? are they not TO DIE FOR!? if your target has them in an 11, holler at me!

CP said...

Wow! Lots of topics to comment on here....

Re the censorship. I started this blog anonymously but slowly we have revealed ourselves so I'm not really sure how anonymous we are at this point. Which led to my post you commented on. And yes! I'm in on your idea for sure.

(BTW- I'm too lazy to go spellcheck "anonymous" so if it's wrong, I'm sorry!)

As for the little girl in Florida. WTF is going on there? That is such a horrible tangle of lies but I too feel like the end result is going to be tragic.

Anonymous said...

Florida chick: wacko

Cigg: 3 weeks as of Friday..woo hoo for me.. My sense of smell is just starting to come back. I LOVE the smell of my husbands ciggs WHILE he is smoking them but not the smell on my clothes. I have been guilty of throwing butts out the car window.

I sensor myself ALL of the time. I don't write things that I wouldn't want my family and IRL friends to read. Biddy almost had a COW that I said Fuck on a comment on Rimmy's blog. Yes, I am a HUGE potty mouth but really sensor my own blog.

Dirty Laundry Diva and Sarcastic Mom are both setting up anony blogs..which I will totally use..for stuff I've always wanted to rant about but never wanted to be traced back to me.
I think I'd be pissed it I found out real life friends or family that I Did NOT invite to read my blog started reading..it would be icky and kind of like they opened my drawer and started reading my diary w/out me giving permission.

I do know lots of bloggers that have tons of family that read and comment on their blogs..

I think there needs to be rules..kind of like, just cause it's on my blog doesn't mean you are free to share this information in the real world. Believe me it's happened to me and I had to close a blog down due to that..pain in the ASS...