Because no one really wants to read a bitchy post

All of a sudden, I have gone from happy to oh-so frustrated with things. All in a couple of hours' time. Amazing huh? What's that you say? Medication? No, just more patience.
You really don't want to hear me rant about my dogs, and how I flipped both of them off tonight any time they even so much as looked in my direction. Because I love getting puked on, and I love when my dog then decides to do a sit-n-spin maneuver in the middle of it, and skids across the floor, trying to get outside. Oh, I love dog puke all over myself. Know what I love even more? When what the dog has puked is something she never should have eaten in the first place. Like, say, an autographed Texas Rangers picture from way back when they were a decent team, and an empty deodorant stick, and an used pull-up.
How about the big-ass steroid shot I got in my ass (oh, imagine that!) yesterday, and the fact that steroids have always made me stark-raving HUNGRY AS HELL. I just want to consume everything, at any time (except pictures, pull-ups, and empty deodorant sticks).
How about after said steroid shot, and the first of many installments of oral steroids, I.am.still.itchy.and irritated.

Oh, yeah, the positive stuff:

-I believe my brother is moving back here. And will probably be living with me. I.cannot.wait. We do fun stuff, like throw water balloons at unsuspecting runners & bike riders. We stay up all night to play Mario Cart, or the original Nintendo. I love him. This makes me want to jump up and down and SQUEEEEEE!

-I just bought Blackberry Cobbler ice cream. It is delicious. Don't care that it doesn't help me lose weight, or that it's full of sugar and carbs and FAT. It's lovely. That's all.

-I am going to New Orleans in exactly 18 days! Woohoo! Yummy food awaits me! And drinks. lots of drinks. and sleep not interrupted by a very sweet 3 year old saying 'Momma, your hair is all crazy when you sleep'. And lots of dancing, which I hope works off the calories of the drinks and food. Gumbo. MMMMmmmmm.

-Fresca and tequila. Someone told me about this, and tequila is my best friend, but I get pretty sick of having to drink it in margaritas, or straight. This sounds like it is sip-able. mmmmm. gonna try it out this week, I hope.

-Jodi Picoult's book 'Keeping Faith'. I just started it, and seriously, this is my thought process every night: 'Sleep? Read? Blog? Olympics? Sleep? READ!' It is sooo good!

-I am super proud of this one, and sooo excited!: I was awarded a fellowship for school today! I just applied for it a week ago! And I really didn't know what my chances were, but here it is! I got it! woohoo!!!

-I get to go buy books for class this week. And school supplies. And go to Olive Garden with my good friend Kristy. Weee!

-This is probably the best of all: I am going on a weekend trip to NYC, to see the Yankees play in the stadium b4 they tear it down! Is that not awesome??? It is for me, because that has always been something I wanted to do. Of course, I don't have plane tickets yet, nor game tickets, nor a hotel. That's part of the frustrating shit I'm not gonna blog about. So. yeah.

How about this lame post? I promise I'll be back with the thought-provoking, or funny, or whatever. It's just not happenin' tonight, guys!


Friglet said...

Your dogs sound just like mine. Mine are on my short list right now too. Want them? ;)

Anonymous said...

I like bitchy posts...they're much more fun than non-bitchy posts! Have at it, girlfriend! I'll be waitin' for the next one!

Oh...and I posted one myself this evening...so that makes us even! LOL

Lauren said...

Bitch all you want. I do. *wink*

moo said...

YAY for positive things!

Babies and Bundt Cakes said...

Congrats again on the fellowship! That is so incredibly AWESOME! And so, so, SO happy to hear about your brother!!!!!!!

Fiona Picklebottom said...

Congratulations on the fellowship! I would love nothing more than to spend the rest of my life in school - I LOVED college and grad school.

Sarah said...

I LOVE buying school supplies and books for school-glad to see I am not the only dork like that out there

Anonymous said...

I want a brother :-(

Anonymous said...

So Jealous. Not of the dog-puking part, but of the Yankees part. If you're keeping a tally, the good stuff outnumbers the bad!!

Oh, and you KNOW your daughter's crazy hair comment would have been totally funny if she'd directed it at someone else.

Biddy said...

dude if people don't like to read bitchy posts, i might as well pack up and delete my blog hahaha

also? i flipped my dog off last night after she threw up bathroom trash. yep. BATHROOM trash. not to mention all the shredded BATHROOM trash that was all.over.my.fucking.house.

i also threw my breakfast on a bun at her. not cool.

Biddy said...

oh! and to make you feel better, i have a surprise for you!!!

Kim/2 Kids said...

Dude, I think your dogs have that disease that humans get where they eat inappropriate items. I think there was a Grey's Anatomy episode about this, the one where the guy swallowed all the doll heads. If it is on TV, you know it is true.

As for the travel, I am envious. New Orleans and NYC, have fun. I'd take your steroid shot for you if I got to go to those two cities and eat, drink and watch baseball.

Anonymous said...

friglet: No, I don't need anymore dogs! You want MINE??? ;)

Alan: Oh, I was too pissy to write a good bitchy post. It would have been all 'bitch, moan, cry, wah, grrr' and no one needs that! QUALITY, not quantity, right?? :)

Lauren: Oh, I do sometimes. But it usually backfires.

Moo: Yay is right! :)

Babies & bundt cakes: I'm so excited about both!

Fiona: I would love to be a full-time student forever!! I feel like I have so much to learn.

Sarah: You are not a dork. School supplies are great! It's always a rush, and feels great to get all organized with new things. And then? A month later you hate all your classes and could care less about the cute pens.

My 2nd journal: I'll share mine with you. :) He's awesome, but also very stressful.

Coconut diaries: yes, the good does far outweigh the bad. Always!
The comment about my hair was funny, but sometimes, I just want some PEACE. ACK!

Biddy: The bathroom trashcan seems to be their favorite place. It's so damn annoying, and it's always in 1405050 pieces all over the house. Surprise? For me? You are a dear!

Kim: Sigh. I hate steroids. The worst part is that I am STARVING all the time, and I am really trying to keep my fat down. Grrrrrr.

La Petite Chic said...

Oh my gosh, I just started reading that very same book this week! I love it so far.

Kristie said...

Mental note : Do not run by Danielle's house. ;-)

Congrats again on the fellowship, I'm so happy for you!

Jennie said...

Mmm, blackberry cobbler ice cream.