When she was fixed

Not long after moving to Springtown, the dogs did leave our property, but they didn't go near the crazy neighbors and their blessed chickens. They loved to roam around our ponds, and Daisy loved to eat the cows' shit. How gross is that? (I told you the girl has issues, and it's not just the rat poison. )
Anyway, one day I went out on the front porch to call the dogs in. I hadn't seen them in awhile, and I know by now if they are quiet and stealthily, we have a problem.
I called and called, and no answer.
I went out in the pasture, walked along the dam of one of the ponds, and yelled again.
Within a couple of minutes, Kooter showed up behind me. He seemed innocent enough, so I started calling for Daisy.
I actually had to walk in circles, scanning every inch of the property, because she is blondish/yellowish/reddish, and tends to blend in with the hay. Lovely.
All of a sudden I spot her at my other neighbor's house. With one of their dogs.
Male dogs.
A male dog who is allegedly a blood hound, but looks like a freakin' beagle. Squatty legs. Floppy ears. Dumb as hell.
And guess what this dumb dog is doing???
You guessed it- Humping Daisy.

I got her attention, and got her back to the house. She was not fixed. I started covering the holes under the fence so she couldn't get to her damn boyfriend. Yet, every day, she would somehow disappear.
This went on for about 2 weeks, and my neighbor came by one day, laughing about how we were 'going to have cute puppies'. Uh, NO. Can you imagine?? Blood hound and yellow lab, neither apparently the sharp tool in the shed??? Oh, HELL no.
That evening, she snuck back under the fence, all sweaty.
The next morning, I called the vet and made an appt. to have her fixed.
When she returned back from the vet, she was a mess. She couldn't walk, she was all doped up, and she was sore. She slept a lot. She didn't even try to get down on her belly and crawl under the fence to her boyfriend. He came to visit once, but Kooter growled at him and he left, tail between his legs, big ears bouncing in the wind.
Her incision got infected. It was a bad deal. She had a seizure. She bled all over the floor.
She gained weight. Lots of it.

When she finally recovered, she was too chunky to squeeze under the fence, or around the edge of the gate.

I had won this battle.
But that's when it got more interesting.

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Biddy said...

Daisy and Kooter? I LOVE IT! hahahahaha

dude...i've taken Chablis to the vet to be fixed, TWICE. and both times? i found out she was pregnant. and too far along for a damn puppy abortion.

which reminds me...know anyone that wants a puppy?