Holly thought I was drinking her rum. MP wanted to know what I was smoking. Misty was concerned about the poop. But really, my last post wasn't even me! Tricked ya', didn't we?
Please forward any questions about the validity of the story to Alan over at A Round World Through Square Glasses. Also, check out my guest post over there, where I was truthful and full of ranting, as usual.
I'm not even sure how I found Alan's blog, but I am so glad I did. His insight and opinions not only make me think, but they make me giggle sometimes too. And he's given me some new music to check out. The only thing about Alan is this: He posts at least 3 f-ing blogs a day, if not more! It's maddening! (Heehee-love ya Alan!)


Guess what I did tonight? I am the most graceful person you know, so just.guess.

Went out to the fridge in the garage to get the hubby a beer. In all my gracefulness, I somehow lost the beer before I ever had my hands on it. And my first thought was "Aw, hell. I'm gonna have to clean glass up all over the floor. " Thankfully, my foot saved me from that.
Because the beer? It landed upside down, directly on my big toe. And bounced. Twice. On the same toe.
I am pretty sure labor pains were not as earth-shattering as the sharp pain in this toe. It's looks like....a large mushroom? I can't bend it. It hurts to walk on my wood floors. It's purple, black, and pain keeps shooting up my leg, after 2 hours. It's lovely. I can't wait to try to squish it into a cute pair of heels later this week. Fan-fuckin-tastic.
Moral of the story? Tell your hubby to get his own damn beer.


Ike ruined my weekend plans of getting everyone's prizes bought, packaged, and in the mail by Saturday. So, I am working on it! Don't worry-you will get your prizes this week, but Peggy-I'm sorry, but I don't think it will be before you leave for Hawaii (you lucky bitch!)


And speaking of Ike...did anyone else stay up all night long and watch the coverage of Ike on The Weather Channel? Anyone? No? Just me? Okayyyy. Well, if you were watching, you would have seen the funniest.thing.ever. The reporter in Beaumont, TX was yapping about 75mph winds and shit, and some guy comes out of nowhere, running through the deserted street, and almost busts his ass in a puddle. Then, the guy goes off-screen, only to come back two seconds later, shagging ass right behind the reporter. And that is when I realize-the guy is butt.ass.naked! Thank Bejesus for the power of Tivo!: I rewind, and then put it in slow motion, where I confirm that he is indeed N.E.K.E.D. and um, cold? It was the funniest thing ever, I swear!


Last, but most certainly not least, my bloggy-friend Misty had wonderful news to share, and somehow, I missed the post (Sorry, Misty!). I am so excited to say that Misty is expecting!!! Go check out her blog, and wish her well. She deserves it.


Misty said...

You. Little. Devil.

Thanks for the shout...er...blog out. And thank you for your well wishes. I kinda feel special.

xoxo Love you, cow woman.

xo Misty

Anonymous said...

LOL..you got me!!

We were watching Geraldo hanging on to a palm tree...

Can't see much..when Katrina hit landfall in the daytime you could see EVERYTHING.

Jenn Martinson said...

Naked guy on news? Who says there's nothing good on TV??

Anonymous said...

Wait a minute...are you INSINUATING that I was the one who wrote that crazy blog about you and your cows?!?!

Huh...guilty as charged.

Sorry about your toe! Gotta get some coordination!

Aaaaand...I dont go for naked dude ass on t.v. Not my kinda thing...LOL

Li'l Foot's Mommy said...

That's me...the lucky bitch!!! But I will definitely score some sand for you!!! What color? There's balck sand at Waianapanapa State park, there's tan sand from almost any beach and there's RED sand at the Red Sand beach which is the nude beach!!! heehee!!! Let me know!!! You're totally going to call me tomorrow while I'm on the plane so you can hear my voice, aren't you? heehee!!!

Raven said...

Did you see the guy in the bear costume? Lord. Way to make us Texans look good on national tv. Idiots!

I couldn't watch the storm...cuz I was um, living it and it killed my power but I did see the guy get slammed by the wave, hear about the people in bathing suits riding out the storm at The Poop Deck and the guy in the bear suit of course. Oh and Geraldo in the tree...before we lost power.

Kristie said...

Aw honey! Your poor toe. Remember, I am nurse Kristie so if you need ice or a bandage or whatever else, I'm here!

Anonymous said...

Misty-You are welcome! And YOU ARE SPECIAL! So glad I 'met' you. :) xoxo

My2ndjournal: I missed the tree-hanging Geraldo. But did you see the part on Friday when he screamed and cussed on live TV? It was hilarious!

Coconut Diaries: Oh, I know! Too bad he was not much of a looker.

Alntv: I've never had coordination. I am not graceful AT ALL.

LilFootsMommy: You are so lucky. Am so jealous!!! And yes, I totally called you while I knew you were on the plane! Heehee

Raven: I missed the bear suit, but my brother told me about it. Hilarious! But at the same time, way to represent, stupid ass!! jeez. Hope you guys made it out okay!

Krisie: That's what I need-a sympathetic person-not the 2 guys in my house who laugh at me!! ;)