Birthday wishes

[This is my 2nd post of the day, just in case you were wondering. Scroll down for my first fanfuckintastic post.]

Almost 7 years ago, I met Kristy at work. We were in the same unit, and we had 4 offices between us. She was pregnant at the time, with her first child. She was quiet, but appeared sweet. We sat in the little breakroom during lunch, and chatted about cases, and other workers in various offices. It seemed that we had several things in common. She was someone I could go to with questions, and I never felt like I was imposing.
One day, a few months after working together, I mentioned that I was going to a friend's graduation commencement in Lubbock, and she told me that she went to the same school. When I told her the person's name, we found another common thread. She hung out with my friend while in college.

She was the person I called when things were not going well on specific cases, or if I needed advice on how to deal with a child on one of my cases, or if I simply needed to vent. We were both there for each other at work, over and over, when all of our co-workers, and our boss, went home and left us high and dry. We could cry out of frustration in front of one another, with no fear of being made fun of. We went to lunch together, walked together, spent time giggling in court together. We helped each other out, covered each other's asses, and had each other's backs. We were pregnant at the same time, which was fun. She was the first person I told (besides my husband) when I found out I was pregnant.

She is my daughter's godmother. And I couldn't have picked a better person. She loves my daughter as if she were her own. Her sons are both kind and brotherly to my girl. She is the person I call when I'm frustrated about both simple and complex things in my life. She is the person that motivated me, by her own actions, to get my ass back to grad school. We've drank together, we've driven all over the state together, we've worn fake eyelashes together, and it's a toss-up which place is our favorite to eat: Olive Garden, La Madeline, or Mexican Inn. She's loyal, sweet, honest, intelligent, kind-hearted, and very comfortable to be around. I am so thankful to have met her, and so thankful that she shares her family (her 3 boys are just precious, and I secretly hope my daughter marries one of the three someday!), and her life with me!

Happy Birthday Kristy! Thank you for your friendship! I appreciate you!

(Don't ask. I swear we are sober.)

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Kristie said...

What a sweet post! Happy birthday Kristy. Love your name. ;-)