My 8th wedding anniversary is coming up next week, and I'm at a loss. My husband is one of those people who, besides being a workaholic, buys something if he wants it. So, his birthday, Christmas, and our anniversary are some pretty annoying times for me. I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO GET HIM! He's not a lovey-dovey type of person, so pictures, love notes, poems....do nothing for him.
Every year I look at the traditional and modern anniversary gifts suggestions, and I go 'Uhhhhh.....Sonofa----------uhhhhh....!' This year, the traditional gift is bronze or pottery. HA! The modern is linen or lace. Double-HA! (or HA-HA for those of you who need T.H.I.N.G.S S.P.E.L.L.E.D O.U.T) I just can't even think of what the frick I would get him in any of those categories that would not produce a puzzled frown or a fit of giggles.
Every year, I buy him a card. A gooey, syrup-y, sweet card. And we go out to eat. And stare at one another across the table. And? It's torture! Nothing really seems heartfelt. Nothing really says 'I am so glad we have survived another year together.' or 'So glad we still love each other.' I mean, what the hell? I'm fast-approaching his way of looking at this: Wedding anniversaries are just another day geared at making money for businesses, and making men look like asses, like Valentine's Day. If you know me at all, you know I am not that person. I love to show I care for people. I love to take care of people. I love to love people, for Cripe's sake. I am a fucking bleeding heart, lovey-dovey, tree-hugging, sweetpea of a person. No, really.

So, please dear bloggy friends, HALP!!! Men-What, if anything, do you want to be given on your wedding anniversary? Women-What do you buy your hubby?

Help, help, help!!! I'm drowning here! And this time, I can guarantee my bikini top won't be all jacked up when I come up for air this time!


Jennie said...

I could suggest a blow job, but that may come across totally tacky ;)

Gifts are tough, and I am there myself. Thankfully the first anniversary was easy (paper...card!), but what I would do with pottery or bronze, lord, I don't know. Maybe go to a paint-it-yourself potter place and make something not girlie? I once painted Mike a dog (pottery) that looked just like Molly (our dog). It was like $10 and he loved it.

Or would he like tickets to see the Stars, Cowboys?

Anonymous said...

Get him something from Perpetual Kid...unless you are like...set on it being meaningful. If that's the case I'd recommend lingerie for you. Or force him to go to a couple's massage. If he's not going to make it easy to buy a gift for him then make the gift for him...for you.

Yeah, I don't know how I've stayed married 11 years either.

Anonymous said...

I like gadgets like IPods. Or a gift card from his favorite store! And if all else fails, I gotta go with Jennifer's original idea. It's the gift that keeps on coming...er...giving...


Misty said...

Dude. I don't even know.

Chris Spencer said...

Why do women always insist on overthinking this topic, when us men are but simple creatures?

Jennifer makes a valid point. No guy gets tired of that. ever.

Wanna tug at his heartstrings? Easiest way is through food. Seriously, go buy some of the nicest steaks you can find at Central Market.

Video games are always a good idea, as is a pass for a boys night.

I saw this the other night, and thought it was cool. If he's a cowboys fan, go to dallascowboys.com and buy him a paver stone.

If you need more ideas, let me know...

Kim/2 Kids said...

Our 14th anniverssary is next week, I'm with you....I have no idea what to get! I'll keep thinking and get back to you if I think of anything original. Good luck!

ya ya's mom said...

ha jennifer...i was thinking the same thing...blow job! that is all my husband wants! too funny...men are all the same!

good luck with your anniversary. just enjoy your time together.

moo said...

If youshow him everyday how much hemeans to you, why do you need a special day to add more pressure to your life?

Sorry. I'm a little cynical today.

Kristie said...

Gosh, I wish had some wisdom to impart. But seeing how I can't even maintain a normal relationship, it seems like I'm no expert. But I wish you lots of luck. ;)

Jenn Martinson said...

Thank goodness you posted this... I was beginning to think I was a bad wife. The Hubster either wants things that cost a bizillion dollars or he just runs out and gets them himself so I never know.

I try to find things I think he'll like that he's never tried before (which, coincidentally is something I like, too. What? A win-win is a GOOD thing!). I took him to Alamo Drafthouse to see some YouTube thing, a winery (big deal for a beer guy), concert. As long as there's food and booze, he's usually happy.

All else fails, there's nothing like a good blow job.