She's Aliiiiiiiive!

Hi. Remember me? Miss me? I've missed you guys, let me tell you! Today was the first time in three weeks that I had any time to actually read blogs. My Google Reader is now down to 685. Whew. What a relief....I think??

Now, let me answer all your questions, since I can hear all four of you trying to talk over each other.

Where the hell have I been?: Well, ummm... Hidden under 4 social work 'foundation' books (2 are pretty good, 2 are hideously boring), 'reaction' papers, journal articles, presidential debates, Jon & Kate Plus 8, The First 48, 5K walks, and dog puke. Yeah, dog puke. Which, by the way, was disgustingly yellow. Too much information?

Where the hell are the Pay It Forward prizes?: Okay, so I have had them all ready to mail out, minus the padded envelopes. But I promise I am mailing them out tomorrow. I bet you don't believe me though, do you?

I've got 3 papers and 1 presentation all due this month, in addition to a midterm. But I am making it a goal to schedule some posts that have been on my mind lately.

And can I tell you? I am only tired when I get up in the morning. I just don't wanna wake up!!If I could sleep for a day, that would be fanfuckintastic, let me tell you.


My girl has decided to be a Fairy Princess for Halloween. Originally, she was going to be a monkey, which really is fitting for this family. But, have you ever done a search for monkey costumes? There aren't too many cute ones, let me tell you, so I was almost relieved when she changed her mind last week. Whew!! So, we went from brown-banana-on-the-head blah, to pink-and-green-sparkles-frilly-tulle PRECIOUS!


Let me just share some of the fun stuff I'm looking forward to this month, because I am all SQUEEEEEE! about some of it:

-5K run/walk for Child Advocates this Saturday

-Fun birthday party for the husband of a friend of a friend (who I hope becomes a friend) (does that make any sense at all?)

-Pumpkin patch with my girl, Kristy, and her boys

-Texas v. OU game!!! Hook 'em Horns!!!!

-Race for the Cure in Dallas

-A family costume party, complete with a hayride and bouncy house

-A Halloween festival, complete with face painting, a 'haunted' trail, and pumpkins


-Picking out pumpkins with my girl, who has informed me that we are buying 'a mommy one, a daddy one, two baby ones, a sister one, and a brother one'

Sorry that this post is all over the place, and not exactly funny, nostalgic, or blog-worthy. I'm just all.over.the.place. Forgive me?

G'night. ZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.


Kristie said...

It's about time you posted. ;-)

See you tomorrow for birthday party madness! CAN'T WAIT!

Also, where do you guys get pumpkins at? I want to take Jackson and Derick to a pumpkin patch this year.

just a girl... said...


Jason, as himself said...

You ARE busy! Just try not to forget about all of the rest of us who live vicariously through you.

CP said...

SOOOO glad to see you back!

I love pumpkin patches- as long as it's not raining.