Interesting things taking up my time

Since I am so brain dead right now, I can't give you any glamorous, wonderfully thought out post. This is what ya get!
  • I moved into a house much too big for me this past weekend, while they go about repairing (read: destroying) the water damage in my house. I spent most of my weekend unpacking, and trying to keep my head up.
  • Temporary house had a water leak Saturday morning. Gave my girl a bath, and when I drained the tub, it flooded her room. My fault? No. Apparently, plumbers failed to attach bathtub drain to drain pipe, under bathtub. So, all that dirty bathwater? All under the carpet. This caused temporary chaos, as I moved everything out of my girl's temporary room, and now it's sitting, temporarily, in the hallway. See a trend here?
  • I have written a lot of papers this semester. I was so intrigued by this that, instead of writing one of them Tuesday night, I decided to count just how many papers I have written this semester. That shiny number? 18. And I still have 3 to go. Can you believe this? In 3 classes?? In one semester??
  • Because I was so exhausted from the unpacking and writing of other papers, I didn't write a 6 page paper (that was due Wednesday at 2pm) until Wednesday at 11:45am. That's right-I flew by the seat of my pants on that one. Can't wait to see the grade!
  • It's finally getting cooler here, and I have discovered that I have next to NO warm clothes, other than jeans and pants. Tops? Not so much. And what I do have? Nothing makes a complete normal-looking outfit. Lovely.
  • Thanksgiving is a week away, and I have yet to go food shopping. My dad will be in Colorado, my brother in Boston, and my mother at her house decorating for Christmas (don't ask). So, somehow, the busy girl is doing Thanksgiving at her house. Sigh.
  • I'm still not done unpacking, but I have lost steam. I just don't wanna. Can someone come over and unpack my bar area (lots of liquor and wine!!) and the last 8 or so wardrobe boxes (maybe I'll find some more long-sleeved shirts in those boxes?).
  • My dogs are staying at my house. They are going to go nuts, I am sure. They don't like to be alone all the time, even when they have each other. I miss them! I have too much on my plate to go over there and play with them or walk them every single day. That sounds harsh, huh? I don't mean it that way. And if it helps, I spent 20 minutes playing with and loving on them this morning. Also? While in the backyard, I came to the realization that my dogs poop too much.
  • Since November's lofty goal is still packed away in a box, I feel like a chunky monkey. It sucks. All the results from my hard work at boot camp are gone.
  • Not being in sync with your spouse blows.
  • Temporary house is new+ Been sitting empty since it was done this summer=Cobwebs, black widows, and scary, hairy, black spiders that jump out at me when I am sitting on the toilet peeing in the middle of the night (True story).
  • My last day of class with the crazy woman is next Wednesday. Woohoo! My last day in my first class is the 3rd. My last day in my fun class is the 10th. WOOHOO!!!
  • I haven't started my Christmas shopping. This scares me!
  • I miss some of my friends! I want to just hang out and relax a bit! Is that too much to ask?
  • Trying to find St. Augustine sod in November is a bit difficult, apparently. Unless you want to buy a whole pallet. Which I don't. I just need 10 damn pieces, to cover the spot under the gate where my dogs dig and water pools and then the dogs dig more, which creates big mud balls being flung up against my house, which causes my head to explode a little, and my husband's head to explode a lot.
  • Due to this, I seriously considered stealing some sod out of the back of some shiny Ford in the parking lot as I was driving to my favorite taco place today. But with my luck, a cop would be eating in the restaurant, and see me do it.
  • Feeling anxious and stressed is not really one of my favorite things.
  • EDITED TO ADD: Some fucktard backed into my jeep in the parking lot of the social work building last night. Lucky for me, the bumper is hefty and strong, and my jeep has a 4 inch lift. So, only a few little teeny scratches on the bumper. But the person's car did not fare as well-their taillight was in a thousand pieces on the ground in front of my jeep. Did this nice going-to-school-to-be-a-social-worker-type-person LEAVE A NOTE? Hell no. Am I going to be driving through the parking lot next week looking for a car with a broken taillight? Hell yes.

Happy Thursday! :)


jodifur said...

The not being in sync this happens, it does. My husband and I were there about a year ago. And you know what, we got through it and are better than ever.

Chibi said...

OMG the spiders! Ewewewew. That alone would be enough for me to move again (I'm such a wuss).

Is it awful of me to hope you find the busted tail light perpetrator? }:-)

Hope your day is a little better!

Unknown said...

You poor thing is having quite a string of things, aren't cha?

CP said...

Holy crap you have a LOT going on! UNPACK the LIQUOR and have a drink. You deserve it. :)

Backpacking Dad said...

18 papers in a semester=me dropping out of grad school because, uh, no.

Anonymous said...


I got nothin' else I can say!

You poor woman! ALL of this info SUCKS! Can I get you a drink? Something with a lot of fun juice in it??? 'Cause it sounds like you need it!

Anonymous said...

Jodifur: After our email back and forth yesterday, all I can say is: Hahahahahaha! :)

Chibi: No, not awful at all. I totally plan on looking for the busted tail light perp! Believe me!

Nicole: Yes, it seems to be neverending lately! By the way, I would love to reply to some more of your comments, but I NEED AN EMAIL ADDRESS, dear lady!

CP: Yes, I am indeed hoping for some liquor drinking this weekend. OR at least some wine. Gosh, I sure wish we lived closer to one another! You could use a drink too, I'm sure!

Backpacking Dad: Yeah, I am LOVING it, let me tell you.

Alntv: Yes, a big drink in a fish bowl with fun juice would be GREAT!! When can I expect you??

Jenn Martinson said...

I'm with CP- unpacking the liquor sounds like your top priority now!