Our hair, the ham, & a wonderful surprise

I promised, so here are pictures of my hair. I wish I could take a picture of the back, but I suck. Also? My camera is not as good as all those SLR thingys every blogger seems to use. So...ignore the bad photography, the lack of make-up, the mess in the background, and focus on the hair.

I decided to post a couple pictures of my crazy girl, who acts like such a ham in front of the camera. Take a look at her hair in some of these pictures. The poor kid is doomed.

She was so excited about her very own Romo jersey.
Blurry, but she's still cute. Jeez, what's up with my lack of photography skills??
And then!

A wonderful surprise. The day after Christmas, I went to my house to let my dogs out. As I was leaving, I noticed a box on my porch. An Anthropologie box. I suspected my husband at first, because he got this grin on his face when I held it up for him to see. I tore into it in the truck, and O.M.G. My new friend Chris completely caught me off guard, and bought me this gorgeous bowl! I had just been at Anthropologie a couple of days before, drooling over it. I was not expecting anything at all from her, and felt special, sorta like this lady. (Now, if someone could please offer up her writing talent & camera, I'd be sooo happy)

(I am again righteously miffed at how my pictures are coming out. WTF?)

But do you know what put the lump in my throat? The gift was heartfelt, sincere, spontaneous, unexpected, sweet, and lovely, but it was this:

My heart became a pile of mush at this little teeny tiny note. I marvel at this blogging community, at how the Internet has harvested new friendships, at how we can truly befriend someone that lives on the other side of the country (or in another country, for that matter), and they can be as close and dear to us as the friend we see every day.

Thank you, Chris. I absolutely adore it!!! And I am thankful for the newfound friendship, I truly am.


Misty said...

You, my dear, are stunning. WOW. Seriously, you are beautiful. And so is that dang cute girl of yours.

Sarah said...

I am always so shocked by the close-knitness of the blogging community. It is the best! And your hair is hot and your daughter is darling!

CP said...

Your hair is HOT and your girl blows me away with the cute and the personality!

Even reading this again I am so choked up with how touched you were. Your words were such a gift to me- thank you.

(BlogHer, BlogHer, BlogHer- then we can actually meet in person!)

moo said...

YAY pictures! You look FABULOUS!

jodifur said...

I love the hair. You are gorgeous!

Nadine said...

Hopped over here from Chris' blog. What a great find! I love the new hair do, and your little girl is precious!

Anonymous said...

Oh nice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am jealous! I'm heading out to MN in January (hey! That's...NOW...OK, the end of January) and I'm hoping hoping HOPING there is an Anthropologie store somewhere where I can get into it. Bunker down. And never leave.

CP said...

Back again to read and saw the photos of your hair cut. Still LOVE it!!!! Had to tell you again.

Unknown said...

I love the hair! It's very cute! Do you love it? You have a twin (too) by the way. She lives in Milwaukee & is the wife of my husband's cousin. Follow that?