Because apparently blogging is at the very center of my universe

Yesterday Kristie's tweet about missing her blogiversary got me thinking:
Didn't I start this blog about a year ago?
Yes, yes I did.
December 28, 2007.
Mother f-er. I missed my blogiversary too!
So, since I am once again in the midst of moving and unpacking, I will have to come back to wax on (and off) about how much I have enjoyed blogging for the past year, meeting all you wonderful people, and maybe even do a teeny tiny contest? Although, whatever would I give away this time? An empty wardrobe box? A random book from my gift closet? Heck, I don't know!
Moving right along:

So, if you had the choice between an IPod Touch or an IPod Classic, which would you choose? You aren't paying for it, and you used to have the Classic, but it wasn't 120GB, it was like 30GB. Yes, the Touch is oh-so cool, but the Classic has much more storage. Not that you plan on downloading 30,000 songs, but shouldn't you get the most for your (see: your brother's) money? Okay, wait: If you want the most for your money, do you want the most storage, or the most cool? And guess what? The Touch is actually cheaper than the Classic right now! WTF? Okay, I totally don't know what to do here. Help me out, people! And not like when I asked for your help on mascara (bought the Colassal stuff in the bright yellow tube this past weekend, and then I see this girl's post about 'OH how I love this mascara!' and I totally want to scream) and a gift for my mother-in-law (didn't end up buying her a thing because I haven't seen her since Christmas), because seriously? You guys dropped the ball on that one! Way to help a fellow blogger out! Sheesh.
Just tell me!: 30GB Touch or 120GB Classic???


Anonymous said...

You know what, I have the classic & hubby has the touch. The touch is pretty...and has pictures...and yeah, movies & crap. But I find it too hard to deal with while I'm driving which is when I use mine the most.

I like being able to just reach over & without looking change the song.

Then again...pretty.

So yeah. I vote....uhm.....well, you know they come in neat colours if you get the Nano right?


PS Happy blogiversary! Sorry I missed it...then again, so did you. So I don't feel tooooo bad. ;O)

Heather said...

I'd pick the classic. Mostly because I'm pessimistic and I think the touch stuff doesn't live as long.

Kristie said...

I love my iPhone so I'd go for the iTouch. That's the only comparison I can come up with.

Also, happy late blogiverssary!!!

CP said...

Happy late blogiversary!

I am going to go with option 3- get a Zune. I switched from an ipod to a Zune a year ago and I have to say- the Zune, with FM receiver built in and the Zune subscription pass is WAY better than the ipod and related products. (ducks all of the rotten tomatoes thrown by apple fans)

Also? "wax off" heh heh

Unknown said...

I say go for cool vs. more space. Do people really download that many songs anyways? What do I know, I own a Nano =)

Chibi said...

Yeah, I did *not* drop the ball last time. My suggestions might have been crap, but I tried! ;)

Because he's a guy, I'm guessing he'd be more into the gadgetiness of the iTouch. I think they're pretty, too (pretty enough to tempt me), but I'm too cheap to buy one. My vote is for the iTouch.

And happy blogiversary! :)

Anonymous said...

Happy Blogiversary!!! Go ITouch!

jodifur said...

neither, b/c I have the iphone!

Happy blogiversary.

Debi said...

I have a classic, and I have one word for you: audiobooks. That's what you can use the 30GB storeage for :)

Oh, and Happy blog-iversary!