Friday Filler (Also: I'm fighting those mosquitoes & I.WILL.WIN)

So, let's see..how can I bore you for the next minute & a half?

Well, first off, my final grades are still not posted for this semester. It's killing me, the not knowing. I'm pretty sure I will check the stupid website 487,129 times between now and, say, Saturday.


So after my girl got unbelievably swollen & beat-up looking from two mosquito bites, I spent a good deal of time on Google. (And I realize those pictures might not look all that bad to you, but both of those were taken within 20 minutes of being bitten, and she got worse, much worse. We are talking eye swollen shut, black & blue all the way around her eye, for days. We are talking entire foot swollen & purple, and then bruised for 3 or 4 days after the fact.)
After talking to her doctor again, we agree she is medically allergic to mosquito bites. I want to avoid pumping Zyrtec into her body every day of her life. I want to avoid spraying DEET on her every day. I do not want to have to avoid being outside, going to the park, playing ball, playing in the sandbox. It's just not fair to her. We are lucky enough that she hasn't been bitten on her neck, by her mouth, on her lip. Can you imagine if her throat closed up? I don't even want to think about it.
Anyway, I want to fight back. I want to try some natural things, in addition to the f-ing chemical warfare I've already scheduled to occur next week. So I spent 14568 hours on Google, looking at alternatives. Suggestions include planting peppermint, marigolds, rosemary, catnip, eucalyptus, & citronella grass in your yard. There's also something called a mosquito plant that you can supposedly only buy online, that I might try as well. I already have some peppermint & rosemary in my backyard, but I'm going to make sure I buy all of them, and put them in planters/pots by all my doors, so the little fuckers think twice before trying to enter my house.

Also, there's this eucalyptus lotion that supposedly pisses them off. I'm buying it. I've heard sandalwood lotion helps piss them off too; seeking it out as we speak.

So, dear Internet, I tell you all this to ask: do you have any tried & true things that repel the blood-sucking fuckers? Also, how about things you use to stop the pain, itch, and intense swelling? Oh wait, not everyone has that reaction. So far, we've been giving her Zyrtec, motrin for the swelling & pain, and putting lots of ice packs on. I've also made a paste out of baking soda & water to cover the bites with, but she isn't so happy about this one.


Do you know what I cannot stand? When the help* does the laundry & "accidentally" puts two pair of dark jean shorts in with the light-colored clothing because then all the light-colored clothing comes out looking dirtier than it did when it went in, since now it all has this light-blue tint to it. I mean, I really enjoy my workout bra smelling fresh, but I really don't like it looking f-ing dingy. Ditto for my husband's socks & my cute white tank.

Do you know what else I can't stand? When "someone" forgets to leave a towel by the shower, so when I get out of my nice warm shower, I end up having to freeze my butt off walking to the linen cabinet to get a towel, and then on my way back over to the shower, I slip on the water footprints I made, and catch myself on the wall, but only after my foot goes in the trashcan & a toothpick gets stuck between my toes.

Yeah, good times.


Has anyone seen Damon Wayans Junior? He was on Jimmy Fallon last night, and wow is he a cutie! He does look like his dad, and omg, all the Wayans sound alike & have similar facial expressions, but where have they been hiding this sweet guy?** And now I'm thinking of them in White Chicks & cracking my ass up.

*By "the help", I mean me.
**And that reminds me, The Bloggess asked recently who we would have sex with that isn't exactly a hottie. I said Rob Schneider & Steve Carell, but HELLO?? How could I forget the Wayans? Go check out the responses, as long as you aren't faint of heart!


Chibi said...

Avon Skin-So-Soft is supposed to act as a mosquito repellent (probably because it's rather smelly... lol). I'm allergic, too (mine swell and the blood vessels pop, so I get the petechiae "bruising"). Benedryl and calamine lotion are the only things that spring to mind (those After-Bite pens never seem to work).

Anonymous said...

That "someone" must come to my house and put all the spare toilet paper in the other bathroom so I have to bounce-drip and run across the apartment to replenish.

CP said...

I have to say that I had never seen anyone have a worse reaction to mosquito bites than me but mine? are nothing compared to G's. Poor baby. Wish I had some great repellent advice but nothing works for me and I always end up bitten.

Jenny Grace said...

I think all of the wayans brothers are cute.

Raven said...

Also allergic.

I once went to the hospital because I got so many bites at once.

I would recommend keeping an epi pen on hand just in case she does get bit on her mouth or gets hit with a swarm, it can be pretty scary! (talk to your dr first of course)

No advice, I am in the on daily Zyrtec camp because I couldn't function otherwise.

jennyonthespot said...

Ummm... at least the toothpick didn't get stick In your toes?

Wish I had a suggestion for combatting stupid mosquitos, but be sure to keep us posted on what you learn. Golly - what a reaction your girl had :( My youngest isn't that bad, but she definiteyl has a stronger reaction than my other two...

Twenty Four At Heart said...

I am highly allergic to mosquitoes also and I passed the allergy right along to my daughter. The Avon stuff did not work for us, but maybe it will for you. We only have a few months out here when we have to be careful. I was recently looking at one of those mosquito blue light machines ... supposed to attract them and then kill them if they're in the area. I don't know, however, if they really work.

Anonymous said...

Toothpick? Really? OMG.

Agree with Chibi....the Avon shiz is good. I took it to Mexico with us for our trip (5 years ago) and sprayed down all the sheets every night to keep the bugs away. Worked until the LAST night when some bastard spider got me.


TUWABVB said...

I had an ex-boyfriend that was a Navy Seal and you know what the Navy-sanctioned moquito repellant was? Skin So Soft. Seriously - they have crates of that stuff and it's completely harmless.

Also, possible get the yard treated instead of spraying your daughter? I know there are sprays that can go along the outer line of an area to keep the bugs from crossing the line. Poor baby!