Music Lover Monday on Tuesday, because I suck (but not enough, according to "someone who shall remain nameless")

First, thanks for the suggestions about fighting the mosquitoes. I appreciate my peeps!

Next, I've got writer's block. I've got a ton of stuff to write about, but it's just not coming out. It's all globbed up in my head, and don't tell me glob isn't a word, because I say it is. Also, I just realized I had a Music Lover Monday post all ready, but didn't post it. You want to know what it was? (Say yes, because even if you say no, I'm about to tell you anyway).

I'm not sure why I like these guys, but I do. Maybe it's the interesting lyrics thrown in the middle of these snappy beats? Hell, I don't know. For all I know, you guys have heard of these guys, and it's nothing new to you. But anyway, The Dodos:

Anyway, I'm just going to blame my writer's block on my f-ed up sleep schedule (why does the dog have to wake me up 4 damn times between 2 and 6am? Why can't I go to bed before midnight? Why can't I get up to work out at 6:30am? Whyyyyyy???) and the fact that I chose to do another liquid cleanse and ohhh.myyyy.gahhhhhhh. I am so hungry. And bloated.

So, yeah, aren't you glad you stopped by here today?


Anonymous said...

You my dear....need cake.

Just saying.

Kristie said...

Enough with the liquid cleanse darling. Time for a vegan cleanse...it's more fun!

Anonymous said...

I think you should blame your block on the cleanse. That just isn't right. Although, I'm suffering from some serious block of my own. Great ideas and things to write about and yet nothing is coming. So maybe it isn't that after all!!

Thanks for the Music Lover info! I LOVE that first song. Headed off to check them out further.

(PS. My word verification was "pronstr" which is so similar to porn star that is has me a little concerned!)

Jenny Grace said...

I have super writer's block mainly because all of the interesting things I want to blog about? I would TOTALLY get in trouble for blogging about them.

Anonymous said...

Yeah...not really diggin the Dodos. But its all good. And I agree with Momdrinksrum...you DO need cake!

CP said...

Off to check them out on blip. I just joined- come be my friend!