Heavy load & Can't

-Heavy Load-

I'm not big enough-
I'm just one girl.
I can't get you out of this, and
I'm forced to stand by when you fall.

I hear the words
I'll listen when I can
I have no choice-
You break before you bend.

You left us all alone (together),
Looking for your place,
We cried as you walked away,
Wiped tears from his face.

I'm not big enough-
I'm just one girl.
I can't help him out of this
I'll stand by as he falls.

(written in 1997, unfinished)


I can't keep doing this,
This playing house,
this smiling fake, this walking in a fog,

I am not me,
You are not you,
I need to find that time,
Where we were one,
not two.

Things overwhelm;
I cannot breathe.
Loneliness will sufficiate,
Anger will not leave.

I am so over this,
The time is so slow,
Waiting for the next sunrise
And the strength to let go.

(written in 2005)


TUWABVB said...

So beautiful - and I must say, I'm a bit relieved to see that these were written years ago and don't apply to your current life. Right? You're okay? :)

Unknown said...

Those are incredibly profound. Wow...

Badass Geek said...

I can feel this.

Unknown said...

Danielle, they were both amazing, but I can't get over "Can't". It just hits me so deep it's not even funny.
Poetry isn't my thing... I can't write it, and rarely read it. But this one, I'm going to save, and keep coming back to.
This is what I get for leaving a few of your posts to read at once - all emotional and sappy now. Screw it, I'm gonna go watch the stripper video and laugh.

the girl with the pink teacup said...

I'm so sorry for being so late to all your posts, beautiful lady. I love your poetry so much - it seems to strike a chord with me each and every time I read your work. And while I'm glad they were written years ago (and hopefully that means they don't really apply to your current situation...), I am so touched that you chose to share them here anyway. "Can't" was just... wow. Love to you, sweet thing.