Music Lover Monday-Melancholy 201

Seriously, sometimes I want to shoot myself. Okay, not really, that's harsh. But jeez, do the people that write songs like this really feel these things? Or, do they climb in my heart while I'm asleep, poke around, see which spots are the most sore, the most weak, and steal the words out of my mouth before they ever reach my tongue?


TUWABVB said...

I love that song. I love anything by Vertical Horizon really - they have great music. Thanks for reminding me to add this to my Ipod. And making me cry! :(

Anonymous said...

Nice tune DL! Vertical Horizon is great!

Unknown said...

That's a good song. Music is amazing how it can touch your heart!
I used to work with the bass player of VH before the band was formed. Great guy!

Unknown said...

Nope, they got the feelings from me... or at least I thought they did, until you said they got it from YOU.

I just keep replaying the song - it makes me cry and smile at the same time.