Love. Fest.

Hi there- it's not Danielle.  Hee.  Not that you all wouldn't have figured that out immediately.  Our fearless leader is away on a trip and was nice enough to let me guest post for her.

So!  What do I do with all of this freedom?  I can write about anything and she can't do one thing about it.....  but, I want to talk about Danielle.

I have not (yet) had the pleasure of meeting our sweetheart of a host in person.  But she is on the other end of my IM all day and night.  It is my incredible luck to have her always there for me, talking me down off the ledge when I am stressing about being late (about 30 times a day), tolerating my constant stream of photos of the Seattle traffic and listening to my general bitchy comments about people and things.

How did I luck into such a friendship?  I have no idea but I am so very very grateful.  She is such genuinely nice person who offers unconditional support and love.  Danielle is truly a shiny gem in my life.


Sarah said...

Aw, true that! I love Danielle. Whenever I see her comments, I get way happier than is probably normal. I hope I have the pleasure of meeting her in person one day soon. Actually, I kind of hope she'll move next door to me and we can have biligerent family cookouts together while our husbands talk guns and we make shit of them.

Also? Wish I would have written such a nice guest post. But alas, I AM a horrible bitch. Incourageable.

Left of Lost said...

You are so incredibly sweet! I am so very thankful to have you on the other end of my phone 24/7. You are a wonderful friend! I feel so blessed to have you in my life! I really hope to meet you in 2010! Now, go write a 2nd post and get some stuff off your chest! ;)

Mox: You are NOT a horrible bitch! You are lovely!

Anonymous said...

I haven't met DL either but I feel like she & I might have dated in high school, broke up and then remained friends for life. She is one of my dearest blogger friends and I hope that someday we get to meet in person! :-)

TUWABVB said...

Couldn't agree more! Love her to pieces.

Chibi Jeebs said...

Love you BOTH. <3

Biddy said...

agreed...danielle rocks my socks!! and? be jealous y'all, i've had slumber parties with her :-D