Music Lover Monday-New sexy-voice music

MMmmmmm, I like this guys' voice. Yum.
You're welcome.

Try-Josh Hoge

(Sorry, Alan. I know you don't care about the sexy voice. *shrugs shoulders*)


Anonymous said...

Hello Mr. Josh Hoge. I'm Kali. But you can call me anything you'd like.

Beautiful, passionate, and man - the boy has soul. You know he's great in bed. Sorry ... someone had to say it. ;)

Left of Lost said...

@Kali-Oh, I know, he is just YUM. I bet you are so correct about him being a great man in bed. Le sigh.

Alexandra said...

Hi, came over from PrettyAllTrue. Love that I am finding new music here.

Since having kids, I've fallen off the face of the earth... I will come here to find out what is new to me, to listen to.

I can't just turn to NPR.

Thank you, and so nice to meet you.

Left of Lost said...

@The Empress-Thanks for stopping by! I can't guarantee that all my music lover posts will be exactly *current*, but they will be fun!
Also? Have you ever gone to NPR's website? They have great music (and book!) recs! Don't cross them off the list just yet. :)

Anonymous said...

Not true!!! I LOVE sexy voices! Well...I just PREFER sexy FEMALE voices...lol